Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily.

This cake I did make.
It was an Italian Creme Wedding Cake,
from this book. A goodie.

It was my little sister Emily's birthday on Saturday! Now I hated turning...(27)... but something about the fact that my 'baby' sister was turning 20 was harsh. In fact, I was picking up balloons and the sales girl said, "so who are these for?" And I said, "my little sister". Then I thought about it for a second and said, "and by little, I mean twenty."

So on the big day my sister and I were commenting about the fact that while EVERYONE complains about holiday weight gain, or at least holiday diet destruction, they have no room to complain. Check out this schedule: Halloween, two weeks later - my birthday, one week later - my little sister's birthday, then one week later Thanksgiving, one week later - my brother's birthday. And by that time we're in the full swing of the Christmas season. Pity me! I deserve your pity, because you see it's not really my FAULT, it's just a series of unfortunate events, not my lack of self control.

And finally, in what has turned out to be kind of a random post...

For all of you readers out there that might want me to make you a cake, I WILL! Just one thing, buy me either this or this book, and then name the cake you want and when you want it. :)


cara lou said...

I want THAT cake, please! Trev & Christi had an Italian cream cake at their wedding and it was AMAZING.

Clayton and Heidi said...

I think your parents had "fun" times in February:)

Happy be-lated birthday!

Adventures in Heywood said...

Ironically that's right around the time of their anniversary.... hmmmmm ;)