Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloweenies and More.

(No, this isn't mine, I don't make pumpkin pie... ICK! But the face we put on...for festive-ness)

Last minute my mom and I decided to have a festive Halloween dinner. I saw these super cute bread bowls at Lee's shaped and colored like pumpkins, and they were just asking to have soup put in them. I was also making it a day off for my diet, and since we don't get any 'real' trick-or-treaters (people we don't know) I decided it would be fun to have a sugar cookie making station instead of candy. (I LOVE sugar cookies.)

Well the little dinner we were planning kept getting larger as we invited people and as we thought up new ideas. Finally it ended up as a fairly large dinner.

We put dry ice in each of the goblets to make them steam and bubble, it was super cute.

While my mom was out shopping for items for the soup and cookies, etc. She picked up this leaflet with halloween ideas. One of them were these adorable little 'halloweenies'. They were a huge hit, and we scrapped the platter of them clean.

We also didn't have a drop of taco soup left. John was super bummed to find that out this morning! He thought that was what he was having for lunch.

While we were eating these two little monkeys (well, technically one monkey, and one cat) dropped by from their party to see us!

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