Tuesday, July 28, 2009


John and I have often thought of buying a boat. We think it's a lot of fun. However, we also know what an incredible money suck they can be. So it's always fun to have a friend or friend who have bit the bullet! We went out to Newton Dam the other day for some fun in the water with our friends the Hansons. Well, there wasn't a lot I could do, aside from hang out, which IS fun. I didn't think wakeboarding seemed like the best idea. Unfortunately.

We haven't been in probably 2 years... so we didn't know how it would go...

So John strapped in...

And things went pretty well...

Till they didn't...

I got VERY hot in the boat... so since I
basically can't do anything remotely dangerous,
we were just going to have a very slow pull behind
the boat to cool off.

It was intensely hard to get two, too big adults
on one small tube, but it was funny anyway.

It also doesn't work very well to get pulled at such
slow speeds, as the poor tube can't really make it up out
of the water!!! Ha!

Then you should have seen us when we fell off (mind you
we didn't fall off from riding at any high speed,
but just because the balance was impossible, ha) trying to
get back on! Well John was fine, but how do you
get back on a tube, down in the water without throwing
your belly up onto the tube first?!

Poor tired boy!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!

My most favorite-est person ever
is now 27! Happy Birthday Honey! I love you!

I like the next four months for one very important reason. For the next four months John and I are the same age, and I'm not 'the older woman'. :)

Probably it wasn't the best year for me to be making food for a crowd, because to me, everything sounds disgusting and tastes like ash. Oh well! John seemed to enjoy it, and that was the point. We got the idea to have a 'pool party' earlier in the month, just joking around. Since we neither have a pool, or wanted to go to one it didn't seem likely to happen, but it WAS really hot. So we went ahead and improvised.

The kids did not need to be told twice, they were ready and willing to jump in the water. It took Kyla about 30 seconds after arriving.

We bought some awesome painters plastic, really long and put it on a slight incline. Very fun (well so I hear, I was informed that I was much too prego for slip and slides).

Emily pushed Caden down the slide, he seemed to enjoy it alright.

Kyla was a slip an' slidin maniac. She was just going and going
and going.
I love her face in this. You can see how seriously she
takes her slidin', she's got her
game face on.

The less slippery crowd. And me, I'm slaving away with the cups.

After a hard days work slidin' John takes a soak in the
whale slide tub.
Vance seems to think he should get out,
that he's hogging all the

The chow line.

The hungry, hot, masses.

The kids table was a hit. Guess we need a bigger kids table!

Happy Birthday little JOHHHHNNNNNYYYYYY!!!!

Two of the three dessert options. That creamy strawberry
pie was a first try - something printed off the internet ages ago,
and it was fortunately very delightful. Perfect for summer.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Getting Away

I love vacations! I always wondered how you became one of those people that basically traveled for a living. In fact I'm still wondering.

We left Friday with our friends the Hansens for Jackson Hole, and actually camped by Gray's river near Alpine that night as our condo didn't become available till Saturday but we all wanted to get away.

(Near our Gray's River camp site.)

Saturday we headed in to Jackson. We did some hiking and some really traditional stuff... John has been to Jackson, but he was quite young and he'd never been up to our condo, so we did a lot of stuff I've done before and enjoyed. We took the tram in Teton Village and canoed the String Lakes and hiked to Hidden Falls.