Monday, November 17, 2008

Using One Camera, To Take A Picture Of Another Camera. Weird.

I'm a weirdo, because even though I have this camera:

I asked for this camera for my birthday:

There is some method to my madness however. The thing is that the big camera is fantastic, but you don't just carry it around any old time. I wanted to get a camera I could just have in my purse for those unexpected snapshots that are so great.

My great hubby obviously decided I wasn't nuts, cuz he bought it for me. (Thank you Johnny!) Or if he thought I was nuts he didn't care, he was just glad he knew what to buy!

Happy Birthday ME!


cara lou said...
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cara lou said...

Happy Birthday, lady! Sorry I'm a day late. :(

I have a little camera for my purse, too. Even though we now have a Rebel and John just got the new Canon 5D Mark II. Got to have something for pics on the fly.

P.S. I'll be in UT for Thanksgiving -- last minute change of plans! Hope we can hang out a couple times...I'll be there for 3 weeks!