Tuesday, August 3, 2010

6 Months

Well this is a little delayed in being posted. Charlie is actually over 7 months old at this point. But I never did a post for this 6 months, and since I don't journal, it's necessary. Bare with me.

18.5 lbs ~ 60%
17 3/4 Inches ~ 78%

Charlie went and sprung up and thinned out. I'm working on getting the baby fat back on him, cuz I love some baby chub.

Some highlights of the last couple months before he turned 6 months old:

Started eating solids, didn't like them.
Got to go swimming in his pool. Loved that. He likes to splash.
Started getting up on his knees and hands like he was going to crawl. Didn't.
Started sitting, but still was liable to topple over for no apparent reason.
Jabbers quite a bit, including saying what sounds exactly like, "HI DAD".
Is a total daddy's boy already. As soon as John walks in the door he's like 'Thank heavens, I'm saved!'
LOVES to be outside. Just sitting in and pulling the grass.
He's really getting responsive to his surroundings and is becoming so very fun.