Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm really into themed events this year. And tacky party decor... which actually goes really well with the aforementioned issue. I went for this menu. So therefore we were having a fiesta! I've been really into Mexican food lately, and the shredded pork tacos looked awesome.

Here's our shredded pork, getting groovy.

For dessert baked mango and ice cream.

And of course, my tacky and delightful decor.

Everyone loves a fiesta.

Yikes! I hate getting older, but I love me a party weekend!
Don't look for crows feet, you might find them!


Liz T. said...

I'm Jamie's cousin Liz. I found you on her blog, sorry, I was just seeing if I knew you cause I know some of her friends and couldn't tell from your blog title. Check out my blog too if you want. I am a chef and was very impressed with your party and your cooking. You seem like a foodie, so I would love if you shared some of your recipes and party ideas on my foodie blog Taste This ( post at:

Rachel said...

ya you are ancient, wow SO OLD, seriously........haha

Nellie and Jason said...

Haha...i love your party hat!! And baked mangos and ice cream!!?? Holy cow.