Friday, July 30, 2010

Jackson Hole Vacation

So John and I have been to Jackson a couple times, but this is a brand new (out of the womb) experience for Charlie! :) He was really good on the way up, which you always worry about when taking long road trips with babies. He didn't even wake up till the last ten minutes, so we decided to let him drive us in. He's gotta pull his weight, and also we think Britney Spears is a good parenting role model.

We didn't get a hat packed for Charlie, cuz we have no idea where his went, so we purchased something there that says, 'stepp off foo!'

The first day we spent enjoying nature and liberally applying of bug spray. We dressed Charlie like a park ranger, so in case he got lost, yogi bear would take care of him.

Instead of actually hiking we thought driving and then sitting by Two Ocean Lake sounded like a more relaxing kick off for our vacation.

Later on in the week we worked up more ambition for a hike. We decided to take the traditional hike to Hidden Falls, however this year we were slightly less lazy and we didn't take the boat out there.

We spent a lot of time in Grand Teton Park. This is from Signal Mountain, if you look at that smoke behind me and Charlie... well we're not responsible.... all I'm saying.

We made it up to Yellowstone this time. Spent a lot of time waiting for old faithful to go off. Charlie loved it... no no, he didn't. He really didn't care, but he had a good time people watching.

Here it is, old faithful.... nope wait, this is some other spout of water, of which I don't know the name. But I did get this picture, so there you go.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Firsts for Charlie

So I'm trying to catch up with some of the stuff we've been up to. I'll make a picture list. This is from awhile back a few months ago, the pool finally got to where we thought it was warm enough for Charlie, so he got his first dip:

He got a floaty, and worked that out for the first time:

John decided to give mommy a break in the morning, AND try out his baby bjorn again before we went on vacation. So Charlie got to mow the lawn for the first time! :)

Charlie had cousins over to stay with him for the first time. Granted they're a little older than him, but they sure did love on him!