Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Time Stuff...

"I own a Mitsubishi Gallant, BIG TIME STUFF!!!"

If you don't understand the previous quote then you don't watch enough SNL. Haha. One of Will Ferrell's finest. The man is essentially trying to validate or get respect for himself by bragging of his silly belongings, and always screams stuff like that at the top of his lungs over dinner. "BIG TIME STUFF!!!"

Feels a little bit like what I'm doing. Haha. But as this blog has just become somewhat of a life chronicle, I'd be remiss if I didn't record this. It's huge for us, although probably not so much for others. We set out to look for houses with a realtor a few months ago. Our price range is small and our expectations as always too high, ha. But we saw some things we liked okay, but there was this or that fix we'd need to make, and any house we were looking at was realistically going to take some remodel for us to enjoy our time in it much. We really knew that going in, and were all gun ho to learn how to do things like install wood flooring and moldings. We really hadn't even slightly considered building. One, we didn't think it was in our price range, and two, we didn't think we had time. As chance would have it though we came across this builder and he told us the market being what it was he could build us a house that would get our "needs" (not wants, big difference) met and equal what we were looking at and he'd sign a guarantee as to the price. So this new decision on the table really sent us through a loop for awhile - but we decided to take the chance.

So yeah, we're building a house. It's just a small starter home, but it will be fun to have it how we 'think' we want it for at least the next some odd years. It's really a lot of decisions, this is what I'm finding out so far! Some that I just think, 'what's the difference?!' Plus we're putting in some sweat equity of our own and we're looking forward to it, and not, because we know it's gunna be lots of work. Everyone keeps asking us, "Can your marriage survive building a house?!" And we always say, "We'll see!" :) Hehe. But it is stressful, no doubt on that. It's mostly stressful trying to get the most out of your dollar and decide what you should push for, and what isn't that important, and what you really want, and what you can let go, and is there something you should have done that you didn't, always worrying you're making a decision you'll regret or wish you could change.....

In other words, we are growing a lot from this experience. It's going to be quite the life lesson!

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