Friday, June 27, 2008

Maybe I DON'T want to leave Cedar City

So it begins. The actual packing. Bleck. We're in the first stages and already my house looks like this:

Why am I even keeping this disturbing assortment of clothing?

D.I. Bound

John got this chair from his Grandma Heywood's house when she died.
It's like a pet to him.

I've been trying to get rid of a lot of stuff. Bags upon bags of things are going to the Deseret Industries, but the chair above, sorry John, went straight to the trash... it's just time... past time. Anyone bored? I'll put you to work. But definitely remember your HAZMAT suit, it's disgusting here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm so glad it's 2008


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

So evidentally I'm not super traditional. Come on, it asked whether I made breakfast in my PJ's or 'tell vulgar stories'. Seriously, what's a Saturday morning with out waking up late wandering around in your PJ's and making pancakes together? And what's a work day without a sex joke? Honestly.

But then John took the 'husband' test.


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

So whatever I lack in traditional behavior, evidentally John makes up for. So if you take the average between his score and my score, we're... well average! So there you go. John's out being the great 1930's husband and I'm painting my nails red, exceeding my 'budget', being spunky and voicing my opinions, and "Crying, sulking or pouting". For shame. I guess, I don't know if it's trying to say you should or shouldn't be a good 1930's wife. Maybe it's actually a bad thing because, um, it's NOT 1930 and if you're being a good 1930's wife, can you simultaneously be a good 2008 wife? Or maybe I really am not a good wife... eh! Is anyone surprised?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

As Always, "Two Things"

1) My Job duties themselves are very uninteresting, but this is why I don't mind my job:

I spent the better part of Friday afternoon basically sitting around eating as we threw a goodbye party for my boss and made it a festive luau. Which means, I spend the better part of Friday morning putting up crepe paper streamers and making Brazilian lemonade. It didn't feel too much like work, and I love my co-workers (shout out). Some time during the set up my friend Tiff made the suggestion that out by the water toys, next to the teeny tiny wading pool we made a sign that said, "No dogs allowed in the pool" (There are about a million dogs at work - much like a kennel). At any rate, that also meant that I spent part of my morning making and laughing about this:

There was a more focused pic, but it was a confidentiality issue.

2. The aforementioned, and promised story: During High School a bunch of us with somewhat relaxed parents spent a good part of our summer sleeping in Cara's basement (on one twin bed I'll add - as many as 4 of us sometimes). I don't know why we preferred there. I think it was two fold. One, Cara was in charge of watching her little brothers and sisters a lot so she had to stay in the house, and two, her room had a lot of cool things in it including a candle on a stick and a working kitchen sink. Whatever makes you happy, right?!

So of course like all teenagers trying to push the boundaries of our independence we'd stay up till all hours of the night and usually awake sometime around 1pm. One morning/afternoon I woke up due to a huge racket. I should also mention that Cara's room was right under some non-carpeted stairs so as I was 'coming to', I realized the sound was someone thundering down those stairs at top speed *Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud*, then a very brief pause, and then what sounded like a herd following the first person erratically and quickly down the stairs *Thud, bang, thud, thud, bang, bang, thud*. We are waking in no comprehension of what's happening.

Cara's door was directly at the bottom of the stairs, and from the other side of the door we heard a scuffle that involved what seem like some hand to hand combat, some grunting and tearing, and then it stopped and there began a huge wailing sob from outside the door. Cara got up angrily (as I recall Cara did NOT like to be awoken abruptly) and flung the door open to stare at whatever was on the other side.

"WHAT IS GOING ON OUT HERE!?!?!?!?!?!?!" She demanded.

*Crying & Sniffing*

"The-They ba-beat me up and took my moooonneeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!"

Ever since that's been about my favorite thing to say. So if you hear me ever laugh to myself and mutter, 'they beat me up and took my money' you now know what I'm thinking about. Even just writing the memory I couldn't help laugh out loud. Sorry Beth, for getting such a kick out of your pain, but a mugging in the basement! Who would have thought! And that line... oh man, it couldn't have been scripted any better than that and the precise words I can still here in that pitiful wailing tone. Good times.

I think I learned a couple valuable things that night. One, always lock you wallet in your car before entering the premises. Two, no wonder her parents insisted she not leave the other kids home alone! It would've been like 'Lord of the Flies' if there were any less supervision. Three, Cara wasn't paranoid for buying a big fat lock for her door. Four, sometimes you have as much to fear from the people closest to you as ones you might meet in a dark alley. Enough said.

*The muggers were Cara's two brothers just younger than her, the 'muggee' was Cara's sister just younger than the two of them. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two Big Announcements


I got a sweet new hair cut and color for summer! Woohoo!

The before (I'm just so sexy!!)

The after


We're moving!!! That's right folks, after a lot of searching, John found and was offered a job he's really excited about. John is a new graphic designer for Camp Chef (and yes, we already have picked out a bunch of their stuff that we want). John's pretty excited about the job, and what it entails and nervous about being a real life worker bee. Fortunately it sounds right up his alley, wearing jeans and flip flops to work and talking about fishing and camping. I think he'll manage.

Oh, by the way, did I mention the job is in Logan, Utah? Well that is one fun perk we're looking forward to. Logan is a beautiful place and I think you only fully realize how beautiful after you've been gone. One part of us wanted an adventure, the other part of us knows that there is a lot of benefits to 'going home'..... Watch out Logan, HERE WE COME!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Day Late and a Dollar Short.

John and I were up in Logan last minute for a long weekend for an interview he had. It's been all party, party (and working via the internet for me) so I didn't have a chance to post a Happy Father's Day wish to the best couple dads I know! One day late is not bad for me anyway I must admit.
To John:
I asked you the other day if you really wanted to have kids, your reply was simply 'yes, because I know it will make me happy.' I've never seen you change a diaper, I've never seen you handle a tantrum, I've never seen you coach a little league game, but I know you're a wonderful father. I see it in the easy way you take on all your responsibilities, and the great love you always show. And the way your nieces and nephews make you smile. I love how happy you were when you found out Leland was coming in to our lives, how strong you were through the whole process, the beam in your eyes when you saw your very first son, and the proud way you introduced him to everyone as your little baby. You were strong enough for both of us, and ready to take on any challenge you had to - and pick up my slack and spoil me rotten in the process. I love you!
To my Dad:

Great expression dad! Not used to be the subject of the photo, are you?

Maybe you didn't know what to say, but you were sure always around to say it if you thought of anything - and that's the most important part. I know how hard you always worked for us and how you'd do anything if we asked. You are an important part of who I am and there are so many qualities in you that I'd like to emulate. I know I give you a hard time about getting all your bad genetic features, but I also think if I get just a few of your good traits, I'll be just fine! I think I inherited a lot of your passions, photography, travel, Broadway, fresh fruit (although the passion for tending to the trees is a little lacking!), beautiful art, etc. I hope you had a great father's day. I'm glad we could be there for it!

Hope everyone had good ones!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

And The Euphoria Fades

So I think I was funny for about 12 hours. I was riding high, feeling good, feeling like a real comedienne. Then this:

I'm walking from my office at work to my friend's office in the basement. To do this I pass the kitchen, and there were about 8 of our resident girls standing around the kitchen with some staff. Right in the middle of all of them this freak, out of nowhere sneeze was upon me and it ripped right out. It was one of those with a lot of velocity and unfortunately some spray, you know? So when my eyes open back up they are all staring at me and I say, "Wow, I think I lost a little brain with that one." *Pause and wait for recognition* Nothing. Blank stares. No chuckles, not even a courtesy laugh.

Oh well, my reign had to end some time. It was nice while it lasted.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


So for those of you who may not know, I have a 30 minute commute to work. It's a relaxing drive (no crazed motorists in general) so I don't mind it. In fact, it gives me a lot of time to just sit and think. And I think of the craziest stuff... If you were only inside my head for a few minutes of that drive you seriously would probably pull a "Jamie Spears" and have a conservator appointed for me. But at any rate, these are the things (that I can share publicly) that I was thinking about on the way home from work today:

1. The reason I'm home so early is because our internet went down at work. It's moments like that when you realize that the internet is some type of cyborg freak that controls your whole life! I sat there for an hour trying to decide what to do with myself. Maybe I'll check my email... oh, right right. Hmmmm, banking? No.... I could write up those insurance statements... but then I'd need to email them. I could research the dates of that conference I'm supposed to arrange just so I know... Uhhh, am I stupid? Probably. In a stream of consciousness format that thought brought me to my next thought which was, why is it that all internet technicians look like this:

I know ours certainly does. Plus which, why are they all so annoying?! Our internet connection out at 'the ranch' is so temperamental, seems like any time a slight breeze comes through it goes out. Also, as it happens there is only one guy who has an ISP out in the town of New Harmony, so he's got our market completely cornered. So you can all feel my pain, this is my typical phone call to our 'internet guy' that is supposed to fix our network issues.

Christie: "Hi, this is Christie from -----. Our internet's gone down again."

Internet Guy: "Everything is fine."

*Long Pause of my Confusion*

Christie: "Well, no it's not fine, otherwise I wouldn't be calling you."

Internet Guy: "Well my system shows that you're up and running and the internet is being beamed to you."

Christie: "Well how come I can't get any pages to load then?"

Internet Guy: "That's not my problem."

Christie: "Uhhhh... ok..... hmmmm......Well what are we supposed to do then?"

Internet Guy: "Did you try resetting your battery back up & computers?"

Christie: "Yes I did."

Internet Guy: "You have to press the black button on top by the light."

Christie: "I know where the button is. I pushed it, I swear."

Internet Guy: "Well sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes to come back online."

Christie: "It's been 24 hours."

Internet Guy: "Did you restart your computer?"

Christie: (Trying to fight really hard against the anger and keep my voice calm.)
"Yes. You tell us to do this every time, and every time I do it BEFORE I call you.
Sometimes it works. This time, it did not."

Internet Guy: "Well then I don't know what the problem is."

Christie: "Do you think maybe you could come down here and find out?"

Awesome, no?

2. I've been given an award! You can go to my good friend Cara's blog to find out the details. Evidently at least SHE thinks I'm funny. It is also somewhat intimidating. Am I building up some sort of expectation here? Because I think she's just being nice - and probably just needed a 4th person for her list. Also she mentions in there that we've been friends since we were about 14. Then she proceeds to say, "Mostly". Now for anyone whose curiosity is piqued as to why we've only "mostly" been friends since we were 14, I will tell you as I think I have a pretty good idea of what she's referring too.

I believe she may be alluding to an incident in which we were away on a 'youth excursion' together right around the age of 15-16. I got a little miffed, and I MAY have picked up a few items and hurled them across the room at her, and then I'm sure I said something really profound like, "losers" and stormed out of the room and refused to speak to her for a few weeks. It wasn't even just her I was mad at, there was about 3 of them... and they know who they are.... although they probably don't remember why I was so mad. Neither do I.

What can I say? I was a bit of a dramatic and somewhat volatile teen - and before you raise your eyebrows and say, "Teen??"... well don't, just shut it!!!! I've calmed down... a lot... ask her if you don't believe me! Don't make me take off my shoe and beat you with it!!!!

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, you're probably wondering why on earth she's still friends with me. I was wondering the same thing on my way home from work today. It certainly isn't how thoughtful I am, as I forget my friends' birthdays at least 1/2 the time. Often more. It definitely isn't my great advice. It's probably not that I'm supportive and understanding. I really don't know, but I'm glad she's still my friend! We have had some great times, old and new, and I'll probably blog more about them in coming months. If I don't tell this story in the next little while, someone remind me to blog about the time there was a mugging in Cara's basement.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hi Brother!!!

Buster: "Mom volunteered me for the Army.
Just because the fat man dared her to."

I'm bored tonight (aka, eating everything I have around the house) and truly missing my Arrested Development. I did stumble upon this YouTube video of Michael Cera promoting 'Superbad'. He cracks me up. What is up with all my favorite TV shows having either ended, or not really getting off the ground in the first place? I mean I know I don't technically HAVE cable, but I usually rent/buy them on video... Do reunions ever work? I'd pay money. Now that I think about it they brought back 'Family Guy', so I'm keeping my hope alive.

Friday, June 6, 2008

And the way you look tonight...


1. WHAT DATE IS YOUR ANNIVERSARY? March 12th - Every year.


3. WHO PROPOSED AND HOW? John. I was in Cedar the weekend before my 23rd birthday, and Brianhead had their opening weekend. We went up snowboarding, and he proposed on the mountain in a bunch of trees while we had "birthday cupcakes" and drinks.

4. HOW LONG WERE YOU ENGAGED? 4 1/2 months

5. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR WEDDING DAY? ( AND IT CAN'T BE YOUR HUSBAND) Well, it was all very beautiful, I got my chocolate fix, and it wasn't so crazy that I couldn't enjoy it.

6. WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE IF YOU COULD? I think I'd put the luncheon the day or evening before. I thought about doing this but I thought with John's family coming from all over the country and flying in and not having a lot of time, doing that might be too much for them and they might want to just be flying in that day, but looking back, I think it would have worked better for them for not having so much stuff to drag their kids around to all in one day. And I would have added about 5 more people to that luncheon - one way or another.

7. WEDDING COLORS? Pink, Green, Red - See above! :)

8. REMEMBER ANYTHING SPECIAL ABOUT YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY? Ha, not really. But I didn't cry, and I wasn't nervous. Weird!

9. WHERE YOU CLEAN OR MESSY WHEN YOU CUT YOUR CAKE? We were clean - my mom's biggest pet peeve in the whole world is when couples smash each other in the face with cake and she commented to me like 1000 times. So I told John it seriously wouldn't even be worth it, we'd hear about it forever!

10. WHERE DID YOU GO ON YOUR HONEYMOON? Cruise. We had a lot of fun, we hit Miami, Key West, and Cozumel and ate about our weight in food every day.

I want to tag Nellie, since I wasn't there(I'm an awesome friend), and Nikki and Kaja because they were so long ago I can't even remember ;) hehe.