Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Finally Summer When... no longer have time to keep up on your blog. Here's a list of what we've been doing instead:

Enjoying a delicious beverage in the pool.

Picnicking outside.

Planting a garden. We've even had swiss chard out of the garden
twice, mmmmm, it's delicious. This was our 'small garden' we were
going to make, because we had a lot going on this year.
When we got to the garden center we couldn't help ourselves
it was like, Oooo, cucumbers, we have to do those,
Ooooo, beans, we have to have beans, CORN, I need corn
and so on. :) Currently I know, our garden is equal
parts veggies and weeds. But weeding is not
as fun as harvesting.


Observing summer holidays.

Just recently we started feeding Charlie some baby food.
He'd been getting very interested in what we
were eating. If you had him on your lap during a meal
he'd try to grab the spoon out of your hand
or your plate (ask daddy, he got a bowl of
soup on his lap caused by this little guy).
So we decided he might have fun trying some new
food of his own. It doesn't go well!!!
He certainly spits a lot of it back out at me, but it's
entertaining seeing his funny/messy faces. He
still seems to prefer his original method of eating,
which is fine by me since nursing is free and easy,
but it's been fun to see what happens when we
branch out a little!