Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentines, Birthdays, Etc.

I waited as I wanted to post a lovely valentines note to my hubby with pictures of us over the last 5+ years. However, all my pictures are STILL in storage, and It's just not going to happen. But I will say, John, I love your stinkin' guts, you're the cutest thing ever!

For valentine's day we decided to NOT face the crowds, however we did decide to have an extravagant meal that cost us probably as much as had we decided to go some place very fancy. I chose a meal plan from, and those chef's know how to choose 'pricey' ingredients. The meal was lovely, a lobster parfait salad with palm hearts, followed by thyme crusted rack of lamb, hamblin potatoes, fresh green beans with a splash of lemon and pine nuts, all followed by chocolate fondue. Yeah, it took me two plus hours, but it was fun and we didn't have a crowd!

We've been going to a lot of USU games lately. I'm not sure it's good for my blood pressure. I get so nervous and overly anxious. I don't even know why! What does it matter to me?

Saturday was Caden's birthday, check out as the whole candle/singing thing went off below. It's crazy how he seems like an old pro at this birthday thing, even though he'd only had one prior birthday. Caden definitely knew the drill. Between Holly and Brent's families though, I guess it's no surprise, he's probably seen hundreds of birthday parties in his very short life! So funny!

Next month I'm going to be shooting my friend Tiffany's wedding. I'm super excited and it should be a very fun day. Also, I have two job interviews tomorrow, ha, so cross your fingers!

So there's an update on me, even though you didn't ask, Peace Out!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Model Perhaps?

This kid cracks me up. This is the face she made when she asked to have her picture taken.

I was snapping a real quick portrait of my parents together. They are supposed to have this picture to turn in with their mission papers. Well Kyla wanted to be in the picture too! She really loves having her picture taken, then looking on the camera to see what happened. So of course that doesn't really work for their portrait, but I promised we'd take some of her in a minute. So later as promised, I'm trying to give Kyla some camera time, instead of just saying 'cheese' she's giving me all these different facials, and these faux serious expressions, and acting all casual. It was making me laugh, and I decided she's got a career in modeling with all these different 'looks'.
Keepin' it fresh.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Everyone Please Anxiously Await...

... The arrival of my new photography website.
Yep, this is for reals people.
(Real, and driving my husband crazy because he doesn't
have to do this coding crap anymore and quickly forgot how!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tales of Awesomeness

This was my husband last night as he watched his favorite TV show, Chuck. See him all ready: TV viewing blankie, check; 3D glasses, double check; remote in hand; double-double check. I thought it was so cute and funny, that I had to take this picture.

If any of you went to Disneyland and saw that Michael Jackson 3D animation when you were a little kid or big I guess, and also saw the Chuck last night or Monsters Vs. Alien's preview during the super bowl, can you solve something for me... Was that show at Disneyland better, or was I just more impressed when I was little? I have the memory of the stuff coming straight at me when I was a kid, and having to remove my glasses to understand that it wasn't. This was more like trying to get my eyes to relax to see slightly raised images on the screen. Like one of those 'Magic Eye' Puzzles.

So if after that rant, if anyone's at all in doubt of my nerdiness, I've prepared a list. I've seen people on a lot of blogs with their guilty-pleasures, I'm for you making a short list (although in reality I know it could be quite long) of why I've realized I'm a total nerd.

#1. I took this picture after I managed to eek out John in a Mario Kart because I was SO stoked. (We actually got the same amount of points, but I won the all important race, the last one!) ((Christie is Peach, John is Yoshi.))

#2. I am SO out of date with things, someone said something about 'Rhianna' the other day, and made reference to what I guess is some super famous song by her, and I had to admit, I really didn't know who Rhianna was.

#3. If I'm watching TV, I'm probably watching HGTV or Food Network. (When did I get so OLD.)

#4. I constantly find myself having to ask cooler people, "Aren't those furry boots out of fashion yet?" Because I have no IDEA what's fashionable or 'in'.

#5. I watch my series of Friends (yes, this is probably when I got off the train) over and over again and I feel like I know the people in it, and miss them.

#6. I have a carrying case that is a lunch box that I went to about 10 stores to find, to put my Nintendo DS into. It is like a seriously prized possession.

#7. I bought new jeans the other day. I figured I should because of the two pair I had, one has a large hole in the inner thigh, and the other doesn't have a top button anymore. I guess the amount of clothes shopping I do probably contributed to #4. And it's not just about saving money. I really don't like it and don't know what looks good on me. I'm ridiculously inept at dressing myself.

#8. I spend a great deal of time fantasizing about what I'd do if I won the lottery. But I probably wouldn't even play. I took a statistics class in college, and between that and my obsession with knowing the odds of things happening (ask the friends I play poker with, they get pissed because I don't just 'play' I really analyze my choices and options and my hand, I rarely bluff, I count on knowing my hand strength and won't usually go in if it's not good... haha... They claim I always 'just fold'.) So hence, I'm too practical usually, and I just couldn't waste my money on the lotto, but I do know just how I'd spend it if I did, quite practically of course (but maybe I'd even spring for a second pair of unblemished jeans).

So there you go! There's 100 more, but I think I've lost enough friends on this post, ha!