Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Guys, if we're going to get to go here:

Our passports have to get the heck here in the next two weeks!!!! I'm getting nervous! Somebody who is owed a favor from above please get praying on our behalf's.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

M is for Martha

Earlier this month for my mother-in-law's birthday I made these Boston Creme Pie cupcakes:

From this book which my husband bought me a few weeks earlier.

They were pretty good. Probably even better second day, after custard had some time to really blend and sit in the sponge cake. For people who enjoy cupcakes, baking, and/or want fun cupcake decorating ideas, this one would be great. They are not necessarily 'simple' though, so don't go in with that idea! Just cute & fun if you're into it.

I haven't made a lot of the recipes, but looking through the book it has a whole section just on birthday and holiday decorating ideas that are SO dang cute. One day, when I have a reason, I WILL be trying the ladybug cupcakes - they're adorable. I also may have to try some of the monster cupcakes for the end of October.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Excuse the Poor Photographic Evidence.

I know I shouldn't post gross pics taken in a hurry with my bad little point and shoot, especially when then I turn around and take pictures for other peeps. But I promise, I never bring the fuji when I come to a job! :) Plus John usually takes these pictures from his sitting position on the couch, so they're all sorts of artistic and creative (sarcasm). Personally I love the double chins I end up with.

These particular pictures are to be aghast at just how pregnant I look this time around! Everyone tells you that this happens, but it's hard to picture. Granted I started the whole pregnancy a lot heavier this time... I know, bad right? But still, because of being sick, and already being big, I'd only gained like 6 lbs in the pic you will see of my current pregnancy. So it actually came as a shock to me when I realized just how convex I was getting so fast!!!

As proof, not just whining, I will show you - Exhibit A:

37 Weeks Pregnant
Up 30 lbs.
Went into labor a week later.

And as contrast, Exhibit B:

24 Weeks Pregnant
Up 6 lbs.
Approx. 14-16 weeks till labor.

Now, admittedly, my first baby was pretty little... But this is just crazy! If I continued a steady rate from here, I'll look like one of those women that defy gravity. Oh how a would shudder to hear the annoying, 'is it twins?' questions.... not good peeps, not good.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Peach Days

Maybe I don't totally understand Peach Days, having not been born and raised in Brigham City. But it's an odd sort of event if you ask me. And there don't seem to be a lot of peaches actually involved, which is odd also. I also wanted a churro, and I didn't get one. So maybe that increases my disapointment.

It was however a nice enough opportunity to get together with some of John's old high school friends and their wives, and see darth vadar and 'chewie' in the parade...which John thought was awesome.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Love Story.

I love you dear peach. You make my life complete.

(The measuring cup is there to give you a little size
comparison, these peaches were monsters! That's
a full cup, and they dwarf it. Softballs.)