Monday, November 15, 2010

Work Hard, Play Hard, Then Sleep

We have such a boy on our hands. I keep saying it, but it totally surprises me how he just came with this personality, I swear we're not consciously encouraging this...

The door knob on our bedroom door broke awhile back (leaving me locked inside in fact) and John got started fixing it last weekend. Of course there was something about a hammer and tools that made Charlie feel like he HAD to be involved, literally I tried to pull him away multiple times because I felt it was a little dangerous, but he was desperate to hammer with daddy:

Since the fall came, John and I had to face the un-fun task of putting down the swimming pool. It was a multihand job, so we put Charlie down and hoped he'd entertain himself for at least a little bit. The boy found something to do.... why am I not surprised it had something to do with a stick and dirt...?

Sometimes it's a hard job being an Aggie fan, but mostly we manage to have fun no matter the score. Even though he has to sit which he doesn't like, mostly Charlie doesn't seem to mind too much going:

(The BYU blowout, that was super fun to be at, see how excited Charlie is!)

Charlie likes to jump so hard when he plays in his jumper that one of these days I think he's going to just rocket out of it all together.

A child prodigy at piano playing perhaps?...

After a long morning of getting dirty, bleeding, jumping, hammering and what not, sometimes you just can't wait till nap time for a little shut eye:
(I found Charlie like this at like 9:30 in the morning, he doesn't usually take a nap until almost 10:30, so I figured he must really have been worn out! I even picked him up out of here and put him in his bed without him waking up. That's sleepy!)