Friday, December 5, 2008

The Kind of Day That Makes You Proud To Be An AGGIE!

So John's friend from High School, and my friend from college (one of the reasons I know John at all) works for the athletic department at Utah State. He's like the guy that cues the music and stuff like that - supposedly. We think he just sits there with his headset on in order to better flirt with the cheerleaders. But we're big supporters of his little job, because he pretty much gets us into all the games for free! Well, as an Aggie alum myself, it's fun to go, but I wouldn't (especially not to football, sorry, but I AM a fair weather friend, and they struggle) if we had to pay. But last Saturday we had tickets for the New Mexico State football game, so we were like, 'eh, what the heck!' And then guess what?!? The Aggies CREAMED the other team... what the?! Yes you heard me right, the game ended at 47 to 2. Go Aggies! My negativity was rewarded.

Well on the way home from that game John texted Reed to say thanks for the tickets and he asked if we wanted to go to Basketball that night. We had nothing else going on, so we did. Now, basketball is usually much more satisfying that that they have a good team most years. But this game was just ridiculous. Cal Poly went down.... hard.

Yes, you're seeing that correctly and it's the final score of the game. 97-57 for the Aggies. It definitely was the kind of day where I was proud to say I am an Aggie Grad - And it was a lot of fun!


Rachel said...

WOW!! Two aggie wins in one day, that is probably some kind of record j/k......I am proud to be an aggie too, during basketball season, but football season........who are the aggies?!

Kaja said...

How in THE WORLD did the Aggies win at football????????? That never happens. Then again, I've been gone for 3 years, so I haven't really been paying attention, but HELLO! That's amazing! I do miss Aggie Basketball though - we are the rudest fans ever and I love it!

Nellie and Jason said...

man, i haven't been to a basketball game in like 2 years, and football, more like 5 years...haha. I do love me some Aggie basketball though. Good times.

Clayton and Heidi said...

The aggies won a football game!?! What. The. Heck!?!