Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Southern Utah Trip

We decided to head down south to Cedar to see John's grandma for labor day. With John now working 4 tens it almost seems like you have to go away when you get a Monday off! Four day weekend!

We took Charlie to the super fun pool in Washington. I thought he would have fun in a pool that goes all the way to shallow so he could crawl around by himself, and he really did, it was so cute!

We went out to John's grandma's property in Bear Valley and joined John's Aunt, Uncle and some cousins there.

We picked some elderberries and brought them home and made syrup.

John's cousin Jocelyn and her husband had a little girl just about a week and a half before we had Charlie. This is the first time we were able to see cute little Lottie and Charlie side by side.

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Dallon said...

Glad to know he's a water bug like us!