Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Turn My Back for One Second And...

(Evidently there was an oreo within Charlie's reach. I had no idea.)

(Charlie stands up on this all the time, it rocks forward, and he just rolls right off the front.)

Kids are too quick of learners for their own good sometimes I decided. Charlie is prone to really jump head first into things. For instance he stands now. Well he's been standing for a few weeks actually, pretty much since the time he started crawling on his hands an knees. Well he started this trick, and started using ANYTHING to pull himself up on, before he'd thought through getting down at all. So he'd end up crying with a big bruise on his head about every day when he fell.

About two days ago we saw him get to the bottom of the stairs in our tv room and start going up and we had to go pull him off. Oh great. This morning I was just letting him climb up the stairs in front of me. Just two stairs up he looks up at me, I swear with the look that says he has an idea. His whole body goes rigid and his hands go up and he slides back down the stairs on his belly like a sled down a hill. I don't know if he had any idea that was what would happen, but he wasn't concerned and he didn't seem surprised - he just crawled away.

(Charlie crawling ALL the stairs later this afternoon... from bottom to top... yep. I'm the one hovering in the back totally freaked out.)

Am I in for a lot of broken bones and stitches?! Please say no, I can't handle blood.


Rachel said...

AhHHHH......the fun is just beginning. :) I love his messy face it is awesome, it is like he doesn't even know he did something he wasn't supposed to.

Karen and Bruce said...

Chris, can you even block off those stairs or will you have to watch vigil every minute?

Kris and Alesha said...

This post makes me laugh. I was happy to see I am not the only one who turns there back for two seconds and crazy things happen! Keegan just got his first stitches about two months ago and he his 2 and a half. He has had many falls and still climbs up things he shouldn't. He is so cute!