Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cupboard Diver

I mentioned earlier that Charlie had cupboards figured out in about two seconds. So we had to move anything poisonous or hazardous pretty quickly. And on some of the cupboards there are childproofing things, but on others we don't have them. As it's not our house, we didn't want to permanently install anything, and the ones you don't install are a PAIN to open and close even for adults. So yeah, we just moved some stuff out of his reach, but you can't move EVERYTHING. Consequently I spend a lot of time throwing things back in cupboards all over the house. (Yes, it's why they look disastrous.) At any moment you're liable to find charlie playing in:

The Tupperware cupboard!

The table linens cupboard!

And his very all time favorite... The pots and pans!!!!

I don't know how kids figure this stuff out, it's so classic it's cliche, but with zero encouragement or help from us, Charlie got into this cupboard, pulled stuff out, and started doing this....

It's a good thing we think he's super cute and funny.


Swainston Family said...

There are so child-proof thingys called "grandma-house proof". Or something like that. :) They fold down when you don't need the door proofed, but snap back into place when you do. Maybe those would work?

Seantae Jackson said...

That is so awesome! I love his drumming and I really love his 'singing'!