Monday, October 11, 2010

9 Months!

Seems like in the time from 6 months to 9 months Charlie has changed more than ever before, not in looks but in all his new skillz! :)

Height: 28.75 inches ~ 70%
Weight: 20 lbs 10 oz ~ 55%

Stuff about Charlie:
  • Crawls like a mad man, in the last 3 months we went from rollings, to army crawl and to weird mixed crawls, and finally to crawling more traditionally and even more quickly, watch out if you open the fridge!
  • Stands up on anything and everything, cruises around on it. This included the beginning stage of falling OFF everything and banging his head, which was fun. Now he's a pro and can get up and down with skill.
  • Now has other sounds he's added to his 'hi dad'... including mom! Yay! Says, 'eye-yi-yi' a lot.
  • Entertains himself better and better.
  • Can climb all the stairs all by himself.
  • Likes to play with wrappers, paper, cell phones, garbage cans, anything it's clear we don't want him to play with.
  • Can open cupboards (more in a later post) and get out all the contents (don't worry mom, we moved or locked up the hazardous stuff, so now it's mostly just a mess).
  • Loves sweets - likes his fruit babyfood the best, but also likes the veggies and mac and cheese one. A co-worker of John's gave Charlie a circus peanut, evidently it was like Charlie's favorite day, EVER.
  • Loves tomatoes or tomato products such as spaghetti sauce.
  • Likes to feed himself, but by that I mean scatter the food all over the tray and watch what happens when he throws it on the floor. (But he has SUCH a good time!)
  • Is more reserved around strangers than he used to be. Becomes a little shy and unsure if someone he's unfamiliar with smiles at him or tries to interact.
  • Still LOVES his daddy. If it comes down to a choice, he knows who he wants and it's not me. Sometimes it's hard for me to hang on to him when daddy is close by, he'll totally try to abandon ship! When his daddy comes home from work he'll make a mad dash to get to him ASAP. And if dad talks before Charlie can see him, his head swerves all around looking for where it came from. I try not to be offended, because it's really quite cute!
(Found Charlie like this after dad brought him in.
John had been mowing the lawn with him in his baby bjorn,
but got too hot and tired, so was going to finish alone.
Clearly Charlie wanted to be out there with him still!)


Karen and Bruce said...

My best days are your Blog days. I love you guys.

Karen and Bruce said...

My best days are your Blog days. I love you guys.

Clayton and Heidi said...

very cute.
Love how much he wants to be with his daddy!!!

Seantae Jackson said...

He is so bloomin' cute! I love that you document things about him, because it does fly by so quickly! I agree, 6 to 9 months disappeared!