Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Evolution of the Crawl

It seems Charlie's crawl happened in the textbook sorta way. About 6 months old he started to roll to get places, then he would teeter back and forth on his hands and knees, and then he adopted an army crawl, like this:

He was so good at that, I was prepared to not be surprised if he never learned to crawl traditionally. The kid could make time, you had to be nervous if you left him ANYWHERE, because he could end up somewhere totally different getting into something without your knowledge. Like the time I walked out of our bedroom and left Charlie on the floor, 30 seconds later when I walked back in, I couldn't see him. I freaked out, looked under the bed and all around, suddenly from the closet I hear a little rustling, it's Charlie, eating shoes.

After awhile Charlie eventually wanted to pick up his belly so he could crawl over and IN thing. But he adopted the funniest half and half crawl for awhile, like this:

He actually did that for quite awhile, and I thought, well hmmm, maybe he'll stick with that. But not long after I was thinking that he was proving to me that I shouldn't count my chickens. Now, he does this:

Now he's a full fledged menace. I spend my time pulling him out from under things, getting him unsquished after he crawls in between the couch and a side table, pulling junk outta his mouth, you know the drill (if you've ever had, or been around kids!)

So now that he's a crawling pro, it seems that he LOVES to crawl under things. I'm thinking I need to get him some sorta tent or something for Christmas. He always crawls under the desk when I have him in here and I'm blogging. He likes to crawl and then sit and play under his bouncy station when he's in here also. He crawls under the coffee table in the living room (and subsequently gets stuck and screams) and the list goes on.
The other day as he was at my feet, under the desk as I did some work, he pushed over the trash can which I didn't immediately remedy (just paper in there, right?). I then heard him grunting, so I looked down, and found this:

Good times!


Kaja said...

cute boy! i have a love/hate relationship with the whole mobile baby thing. i love they can get around cause I can stop carrying them places, but now they get into everything known to man. Greg is STILL getting into the garbage can. It must be the only thing that's his proper height, but still dude, it's trash!

Dallon said...

Atta kid Charlie! Does he have a mohawk? Nice.