Thursday, September 16, 2010

There's Only One

I love rollercoasters. I was trying to decide the last time I went to Lagoon and I decided... hmmm, like Icon Days maybe? Plus everytime I've been to an amusement park in the last few years it seems I'm always pregnant, and thus, disallowed on any fun rides. So I made John and my sister and Charlie come with me this year.

The new ride, Wicked, is awesome! I also made my little sister cry she was laughing so hard on the top of the Rocket ride. You know the one that drops you? I swear it's the only ride that makes me nervous, but when I'm sitting at the top, I tend to get... explicit.

Emily was jumping for joy at the prospect of Lagoon: HA!

PS. The guy who was developing strollers and finally said, 'you know what they should be able to do? Lay down for when your kid falls asleep', is a total genius! He should get a raise for that invention. This definitely was a weird/hard day for Charlie. He liked all the people but he must have been so confused as to what we were doing.

I leave you with John and I riding the infamous Collasus. It's... funnyish.

(It's so beautiful, I'm crying.)


Dallon said...

For a second the video paused to load or buffer or whatever it does. But your face looked just like Mark's from Empire Records. It make me laugh cuz Mark is my favorite from that movie!

Clayton and Heidi said...

If only I got enjoyment out of Lagoon like you do. Instead my enjoyment comes the moment puke comes out of my mouth which makes my head feel better.

Icon Lagoon day is tonight.
Wanna come?

Rachel said...

We just went to Lagoon last night! Weird.....
I think Heidi went on 2 rides.......oh and the train so 3.

Adventures in Heywood said...

Haha, oh sorry Heidi that makes Lagoon a lot bigger buzz kill! I didn't get sick at all when I was young, now a few things make me sick - like the samurai one was a bit much for me. But I love the rollercoasters, so Lagoon makes me happy! :)