Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two Big Announcements


I got a sweet new hair cut and color for summer! Woohoo!

The before (I'm just so sexy!!)

The after


We're moving!!! That's right folks, after a lot of searching, John found and was offered a job he's really excited about. John is a new graphic designer for Camp Chef (and yes, we already have picked out a bunch of their stuff that we want). John's pretty excited about the job, and what it entails and nervous about being a real life worker bee. Fortunately it sounds right up his alley, wearing jeans and flip flops to work and talking about fishing and camping. I think he'll manage.

Oh, by the way, did I mention the job is in Logan, Utah? Well that is one fun perk we're looking forward to. Logan is a beautiful place and I think you only fully realize how beautiful after you've been gone. One part of us wanted an adventure, the other part of us knows that there is a lot of benefits to 'going home'..... Watch out Logan, HERE WE COME!!!


Nikki said...

you work that hair, hot mama!! whew-whoo!!!

oh, and congrats on the job! yipee! but i must admit- you are very brave to move back to logan. something about that place gives me the hibeegeebees. maybe it has somehting to do with the fact that you can't go anywhere without running into somebody from high school that you really would prefer to not see??? but since you are kinder and more sociable than i am, i can understand why you would like it. i am just too grumpy. yes, it is beautiful and every food or shopping place is convenient...oh wait, no nordstrom! aahhh! i will end my chapter on your blog now. lets play soon. k?

Adventures in Heywood said...

I guess I'm not there very often... and also don't hardly KNOW anyone from our high school as it turns out, cuz the only people i've run into when we've been up visiting is an occasional ex... so that's uncomfortable - but in a different way. But we're mostly looking forward to NOT spending all our vacation time going to see family in Logan/Brigham. Maybe now we'll go to new places!

B&H Haslem said...

Okay, a couple of things. First, this is dealing with your sneeze post, is lobotomy a normal procedure at your work or what. That was totally funny. Second, I almost never run into people from high school, honestly. I did see, oh crap, what's his name (he was in drama, was a little bit heavier and had a real skinny girlfriend in high school who he married after his mission), and Joni Marx at summerfest. I just said I and kept walking. I don't really feel the need to be overly social

Adventures in Heywood said...

RE: the sneeze thing, I really have no idea what was going on, maybe they were just having bad days, and I'm not exaggerating... they all looked at me like they were lost as to what in the world I was talking about & they were not amused.

Nikki said...

you both must both have better luck than i do. its not that i don't like people, its just that its such an awkward moment when we recognize each other and i'm sure we're both thinking, "haven't seen you in 8 years. what's your name again? you look different." and neither person really says anything, it's just this awkward stare and then we walk away. weird. but who am i kidding, i would not be sad if we moved back to logan. they are opening a Bajio's soon. but you better know that i would be trying to get a nordstrom opened up there. haha. pathetic. its really only for the shoes...