Friday, June 27, 2008

Maybe I DON'T want to leave Cedar City

So it begins. The actual packing. Bleck. We're in the first stages and already my house looks like this:

Why am I even keeping this disturbing assortment of clothing?

D.I. Bound

John got this chair from his Grandma Heywood's house when she died.
It's like a pet to him.

I've been trying to get rid of a lot of stuff. Bags upon bags of things are going to the Deseret Industries, but the chair above, sorry John, went straight to the trash... it's just time... past time. Anyone bored? I'll put you to work. But definitely remember your HAZMAT suit, it's disgusting here.


Kaja said...

oh my goodness, i hate moving with a passion. i told matt that the next time we move - we're paying someone to move us. I will not lift another bookcase or dresser again. i know i sound like a brat, but after moving 6 times in 5 years, i think i deserve it.

Amy said...

Christy! So good to catch up with you. What a cute blog you have, and its SO fun to read! Your personality totally shines through! So, welcome back to Logan (hah!).

Amy said...

Sorry, meant to say "Christie" (my SIL spells in the other way, oops!)

Nikki said...

isn't moving fun??? you find all sorts of old treasures that you didn't even know you had. haha. i love the chair! you can't get rid of it!! remember great grandma's green chair that has been around forever? where is that thing now? haha. disgusting.

Clayton and Heidi said...

Hey when you move back to Logan I know where you can get a job. Unfortuantly the job where you get paid to sleep with your boss is now gone. The "boss" took off to sell haircare products and the "boss" that took over (marina) doesn't swing that way. Good times (eh...good gossip). Logan's lucky to have you guys back...who knows maybe I will run into you at the local wal*mart.