Saturday, June 14, 2008

And The Euphoria Fades

So I think I was funny for about 12 hours. I was riding high, feeling good, feeling like a real comedienne. Then this:

I'm walking from my office at work to my friend's office in the basement. To do this I pass the kitchen, and there were about 8 of our resident girls standing around the kitchen with some staff. Right in the middle of all of them this freak, out of nowhere sneeze was upon me and it ripped right out. It was one of those with a lot of velocity and unfortunately some spray, you know? So when my eyes open back up they are all staring at me and I say, "Wow, I think I lost a little brain with that one." *Pause and wait for recognition* Nothing. Blank stares. No chuckles, not even a courtesy laugh.

Oh well, my reign had to end some time. It was nice while it lasted.


Nikki said...

hahahaha! I am still laughing! Where is peoples sense of humor these days? I guess they need a little more "Scrubs" in their life or other such comedy so they can learn more about the simple pleaures in life- called humor.

Kaja said...

not even a courtesy laugh? who are these people? i thought that was funny!