Monday, May 19, 2008

In the Beginning

I'm by no means the best employee in the world, but there are a few lines even I won't cross. One is blogging at work, and so for as long as we didn't have Internet at home I decided not to start my own blog. So today of all days we have saddled ourselves with a new bill, home Internet. I'm really not sure about this as it could turn into all sorts of unpleasantness: the ability to check my work email when I'm at home, doing even more online shopping than I already do (and at least not feeling guilty that I'm at work, only the remaining 'I can't afford this' guilt), and of course being more closely monitored by the ever present government who tracks my personality and movements through my bills (anarchy now!!!). But what's done is done. If John was going to continue his real job hunt then it became imperative that he be able to look when he got home from work, because as it turns out, he also has lines he will not cross and one of his happens to be looking for a new job while you're working at your current job.

So Internet check mark, but then there's the time honored question of, 'do I have anything important to say?' Then it finally hit me, the answer so apparent -- No. I really really don't! But why should that stop me, having nothing to say has never stopped me from talking in the past. Regret of things I've said I wished I hadn't plague me sometimes at night to the point where I come up with 1000 item list of things I wished I had said instead, including things like, 'Excuse me, where's the exit?'. So why on earth would I not start blogging? I can not think of a single reason.


Kaja said...

yay! you've made it! haha... welcome to the world of blogging. it's so fun and i don't know why.

cara lou said...

Hurray! I'm so glad you have joined use in this silly blog world!

Now we just need to get Leslie in here...