Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can Someone Send Over Their Decorator?

I usually know what I want, my problem is how fast I lose motivation for finding it. Plus which, internet shopping can be really misleading. So the situation... I want to redo my bedroom due to the fact that after I got new furniture, I didn't like the decor that was in there with it. And then John was able to trade with another guy in the art department for these ceramic vases that I thought were really really beautiful and perfect for our bedroom - but they didn't match the current decor either. So the plan is to change everything out with a decor loosely based on these vases...

This color isn't quite right in this picture,
the blue is a little lighter than that and the
base color is also lighter than that.

This is our new bed in our room as it looks now.
(And by new I mean year old.)
So we're talking I need new curtains,
new bedspread, sheets, pictures... It's a snowball effect.

It's very hard to take pictures of my bedroom, it's just too small!

This is the color scheme that's been floating around in my head.

So I went online, I surfed by so many duvet covers my eyes started blurring. Finally I found something I thought would work, it didn't. With it I ordered some sheets I thought would match, they didn't. So I sent them both back. Then I ordered some new curtains, they made me feel like I was decorating a Best Western, and again - wrong color. So I sent everything back except my lamp. I love lamp.

So now my room is just still an idea, and I'm really tired of surfing the internet, plus which it's too frustrating when you get the item and it's not the color you thought it was from looking online. If only there were a few more places to shop in this crazy town. And by few, I mean any. And by any, I mean - Walmart, you're not the boss of me. I'm open to making my own curtains, but I really have to get some bedding first so I know what I'm matching the curtains to. If someone else would like to find me some amazing stuff, that would be grrrreeeaaaat. Thanks a lot. Oh and by the way, John also says I can't spend $350 on sheets... I don't know why? So I guess he's envisioning spending less than my monthly paycheck on all these renovations. Silly goose.


cara lou said...

Decorating, I can do pretty well.

Decorating on a budget...I can not.

I'll keep on the look out for something good for you though! That sucks that you have no stores. Online shopping is definitley tricky.

Good luck! I like your color scheme.

Nikki said...

I was freaked out a bit when I saw a comment by some random person until I realized your new (okay, not so new, but still new to me) last name is Heywood! I am glad you are not a creep like I originally thought. This decorating issue would be a whole lot easier if Jon wouldn't put you on a budget! Dang boy. =) It's good to see you on here. We need to plan a get together sometime and catch up! It's been way too long. BTW- Sorry for writing a novel on your blog. Oh, and for the record, I like cheese now! I have no choice being married to a Greek.

Swainston Family said...

Yeah! You have a blog. I'm so happy. Sorry my sister is a long-winded sap. Just kidding. About the decorating, have Nikki come over. She's awesome at it!

Adventures in Heywood said...

I'm just so over internet shopping... I get bored quickly.