Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You're Only 1 Once.

Yeah, December 28th is a lousy day for a party. But the Saturday before was Christmas, and the Saturday after was New Years. So we decided there was going to be no good day to have Charlie's first birthday party, so we would just have it on his actual birthday. We invited a couple close friends and family. Even so you know me, I like to throw a party, cheesy themes and everything. I couldn't rein myself in too much, even though we all know Charlie could care less at this point.

We had two cakes. One miniature one that Charlie could destroy in the traditional 'eat cake with your hands' first birthday tradition. (Ignore the horrible icing job, maybe because it was cut out and not a mold, this thing was impossible to crumb coat, even entirely frozen.)
And one that the rest of us could eat without getting the drooley, mangled remains from whatever Charlie left over.

Lots of blue for my boy. Blue candy, blue plates, etc.

The Birthday Boy!

Didn't take any pictures but we all made our own french bread pizzas, because Charlie looooves pizza. He's become a really picky eater, but he will go to town on a pizza he can now eat more than a slice himself.

Singing Happy Birthday!

How many pictures can you possibly look at of a kid eating birthday cake? Well you're about to find out. I'll spare you the video, because it's actually about 7 minutes. Charlie started out strainning to get to the cake when we were singing and not giving it to him. But after the candle came out and John handed it over he thought we were tricking him or something. He kept looking at the cake, then looking at us, and then looking at the cake. He put his hand up to it, then pulled it away again like, 'no I'll get in trouble'. Finally he started tasting the frosting, but he actually was quite dainty about if for awhile, just enjoying a little frosting on his hand. John helped him get into it a little by opening it up, and then sticking his hand in. By about the 6th minute of the video he's just really getting into it!

Now we're getting it!

Had to show you the cool layers in this cake. I got the idea from a rainbow cake which maybe I'll make some day, but thought, 4 shades of blue, that could be cool!

The layers aren't really even whatsoever though because I didn't use the cooling strips on the pan, I don't have any here, and wasn't going to go to Logan to dig through at my moms to find mine which are still residing there!

Surprisingly his face didn't look as bad as it probably could have, but his hands were coated, and actually his jeans were the worst part. He kept putting his hands down on them, probably even wiping his cakey, icingy hands on them, and when we pulled him out here we just had to take the pants off. But hey what kind of a party would it be if you still had your pants on by the end. (I kid, I kid.)

The wreckage. See what I mean? Would you wanna eat that now?

What'd I get, what'd I get!

An airplane!?!!!

He started out just sitting on it, but he has this figured out a little too well now. So well that the other day he got rocking so hard he darn near went OVER the front. Not just him, he almost rocked the whole plane over the front. It also has little music that plays in the buttons, and he loves the songs, and wants them played over and over and over again.

Overall, a success. Thanks to everyone who came, and Charlie of course, for being one and cute!


Natalie said...

YAY! Happy Birthday to cute little Charlie. I loved the blue birthday theme and your cake is just lovely. I laughed out loud about the pants on at the end of the party comment. You're awesome!

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