Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh Christmas Day in the Moooooorrrrning!

Charlie's first Christmas, outside the womb, is over. And no he didn't care about it yet, he didn't even really care about ripping or playing in the wrapping paper, but I'm sure he'll love that part next year! He didn't care, but as mom I think I'm required to. :) So here we go:

It is Heywood family tradition that you must line up in the hall (they used this hall their whole lives in fact!) and have your picture taken before you go in to see what you got. Emily and Andrew even had to get into the line up, although that was more coincidental than anything.

Our little family, all lined up and ready to go!

Christmas morning magic right here, haha.
Ironically, Charlie did end up waking up an hour earlier than normal, but it was probably just his restless dad who wanted to get in and see what he got, that somehow floated in to his room and woke him. At least we got to sleep till just after seven. But I would have preferred the usual eight. It's not that I'm a bah-humbug, I just reeeaaallly like to sleep!

Charlie's present from Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Andrew.

Aunt Emily is suuuuper excited about this package.
I'm guessing it's a million dollars.

Aunt Emily put a bow on Charlie's head and we stuck him under the tree. She told us that he was the best gift we got this year... even though technically it was last year....

Wearing his pirate eye patch. Arrr!

"Ooo, what's this mom? And can I take it somewhere and hide it from you?"

The older "kids" with the toys I bought them. Aunt Em is a pirate, Uncle Andrew is in the FBI, and John is a fireman. These toys were a hit, but they were being used for about the 5th minute when John tried to cut off Andrew's legs with his toy axe and it broke. Dollar store quality is just not what it used to be. I remember back in the day when you could EASILY dismember someone with those things...

White eating breakfast Emily pierced Charlie's ear and Andrew gave him a gun to play with.... so they pretty much win for worst Aunt and Uncle ever. I kid, I kid...

And at last we're just happily playing with our new toys in the wreckage.
(I promise the kid had clothes on at one point.
I'm starting to have a little ragamuffin on my
hands, he's always running around and
caught on film in a dirty onesie!)

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