Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentines, Birthdays, Etc.

I waited as I wanted to post a lovely valentines note to my hubby with pictures of us over the last 5+ years. However, all my pictures are STILL in storage, and It's just not going to happen. But I will say, John, I love your stinkin' guts, you're the cutest thing ever!

For valentine's day we decided to NOT face the crowds, however we did decide to have an extravagant meal that cost us probably as much as had we decided to go some place very fancy. I chose a meal plan from, and those chef's know how to choose 'pricey' ingredients. The meal was lovely, a lobster parfait salad with palm hearts, followed by thyme crusted rack of lamb, hamblin potatoes, fresh green beans with a splash of lemon and pine nuts, all followed by chocolate fondue. Yeah, it took me two plus hours, but it was fun and we didn't have a crowd!

We've been going to a lot of USU games lately. I'm not sure it's good for my blood pressure. I get so nervous and overly anxious. I don't even know why! What does it matter to me?

Saturday was Caden's birthday, check out as the whole candle/singing thing went off below. It's crazy how he seems like an old pro at this birthday thing, even though he'd only had one prior birthday. Caden definitely knew the drill. Between Holly and Brent's families though, I guess it's no surprise, he's probably seen hundreds of birthday parties in his very short life! So funny!

Next month I'm going to be shooting my friend Tiffany's wedding. I'm super excited and it should be a very fun day. Also, I have two job interviews tomorrow, ha, so cross your fingers!

So there's an update on me, even though you didn't ask, Peace Out!


Nellie and Jason said...

Good luck at your interviews today!! Let me know how they go! And need to come cook for us. You are a master chef. I am the queen of instant microwave meals. Haha.

And be glad you didn't go out for V-day. We didn't either, but I heard that all 3 high schools had dances that night and all the food places were jam packed. No fun.

Clayton and Heidi said...

and I thought my V day meal of honey butter salmon was impressive. you put me to shame:)

Rachel said...

Next vday I think I will just hire you!

Adventures in Heywood said...

I could probably use the work, I'll probably STILL be unemployed.

Natalie said...

So if you ever cook a gourmet meal like that again and need someone to eat it, I happen to know a few folks. Just a thought. :)