Monday, February 16, 2009

A Model Perhaps?

This kid cracks me up. This is the face she made when she asked to have her picture taken.

I was snapping a real quick portrait of my parents together. They are supposed to have this picture to turn in with their mission papers. Well Kyla wanted to be in the picture too! She really loves having her picture taken, then looking on the camera to see what happened. So of course that doesn't really work for their portrait, but I promised we'd take some of her in a minute. So later as promised, I'm trying to give Kyla some camera time, instead of just saying 'cheese' she's giving me all these different facials, and these faux serious expressions, and acting all casual. It was making me laugh, and I decided she's got a career in modeling with all these different 'looks'.
Keepin' it fresh.

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Kaja said...

yeah, renee makes weird faces all the time. i've decided that she just doesn't know how to smile at all. and hey, i didn't know your parents were submitting papers - how exciting!!