Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tales of Awesomeness

This was my husband last night as he watched his favorite TV show, Chuck. See him all ready: TV viewing blankie, check; 3D glasses, double check; remote in hand; double-double check. I thought it was so cute and funny, that I had to take this picture.

If any of you went to Disneyland and saw that Michael Jackson 3D animation when you were a little kid or big I guess, and also saw the Chuck last night or Monsters Vs. Alien's preview during the super bowl, can you solve something for me... Was that show at Disneyland better, or was I just more impressed when I was little? I have the memory of the stuff coming straight at me when I was a kid, and having to remove my glasses to understand that it wasn't. This was more like trying to get my eyes to relax to see slightly raised images on the screen. Like one of those 'Magic Eye' Puzzles.

So if after that rant, if anyone's at all in doubt of my nerdiness, I've prepared a list. I've seen people on a lot of blogs with their guilty-pleasures, I'm for you making a short list (although in reality I know it could be quite long) of why I've realized I'm a total nerd.

#1. I took this picture after I managed to eek out John in a Mario Kart because I was SO stoked. (We actually got the same amount of points, but I won the all important race, the last one!) ((Christie is Peach, John is Yoshi.))

#2. I am SO out of date with things, someone said something about 'Rhianna' the other day, and made reference to what I guess is some super famous song by her, and I had to admit, I really didn't know who Rhianna was.

#3. If I'm watching TV, I'm probably watching HGTV or Food Network. (When did I get so OLD.)

#4. I constantly find myself having to ask cooler people, "Aren't those furry boots out of fashion yet?" Because I have no IDEA what's fashionable or 'in'.

#5. I watch my series of Friends (yes, this is probably when I got off the train) over and over again and I feel like I know the people in it, and miss them.

#6. I have a carrying case that is a lunch box that I went to about 10 stores to find, to put my Nintendo DS into. It is like a seriously prized possession.

#7. I bought new jeans the other day. I figured I should because of the two pair I had, one has a large hole in the inner thigh, and the other doesn't have a top button anymore. I guess the amount of clothes shopping I do probably contributed to #4. And it's not just about saving money. I really don't like it and don't know what looks good on me. I'm ridiculously inept at dressing myself.

#8. I spend a great deal of time fantasizing about what I'd do if I won the lottery. But I probably wouldn't even play. I took a statistics class in college, and between that and my obsession with knowing the odds of things happening (ask the friends I play poker with, they get pissed because I don't just 'play' I really analyze my choices and options and my hand, I rarely bluff, I count on knowing my hand strength and won't usually go in if it's not good... haha... They claim I always 'just fold'.) So hence, I'm too practical usually, and I just couldn't waste my money on the lotto, but I do know just how I'd spend it if I did, quite practically of course (but maybe I'd even spring for a second pair of unblemished jeans).

So there you go! There's 100 more, but I think I've lost enough friends on this post, ha!


Nellie and Jason said...

I have to look away because of the awesomeness. We made the mistake of watching about 2 minutes of Chuck WITHOUT the glasses...holy cow...instant headache. Bad idea.

Rachel said...

how are you guys EVER bored?

Swainston Family said...

Hey, do you still have the glasses? If so, wanna send them our way? We never made it out to pick up the glasses, but we have the episode sitting in our DVR just waiting to be watched! Kind of sucks, huh.

Adventures in Heywood said...

Yep, we do, and yes I will!