Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Twin

My friend Stefanie from work and I are both leaving our jobs soon. We feel bad, because we're abandoning our other work friend, Tiffany. So as a goodbye present we decided we needed to leave ourselves in "Barbie" form in her office, so she'll always have us around at work! So at work today we're leaving the dolls we picked out as the one closest to us on her desk. This was the one I thought was the closest:

Christie Part 1

(I'm really not angry in this pic, I just can NOT smile,

or even look normal without showing my teeth,

and I was trying to smile like barbie.)

Christie Part 2

What do you think? Like the same person? I did cut the barbie's hair so it would be the right length. I'd have given her highlights, but I didn't think that would work. I also photoshopped that first picture.... as if you couldn't tell. I didn't actually want to put a lot of make-up on, and there were bags under my eyes and zits on my face. I love you photoshop.


Kaja said...

the resemblance is amazing - i knew they started making barbie dolls after you ;)

Adventures in Heywood said...

You know what has the most resemblance? Our bodies. I mean our thighs and waists are like... the exact same proportions. :)

Amy said...

Uh, I thought I was your twin?! No really, that is too funny (photo shop huh, never would have guessed! You really are that pretty, jus so you know). The new "Christie Barbie", in stores now!