Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Casting Call of Sorts

Hey out there.

I'm about to be assertive, scarey.

For a long time I've wanted to take more pictures. People are my favorite thing to shoot, but it is very hard for me to walk up to someone and say, 'hey, let me waste two hours of your life taking pictures!' Or say, 'I take pictures, let me do your family Christmas card picture.' But I'm very very bored right now, being unemployed, and desperately in need of a project. So I decided if there was anytime I was ever going to do this, there's no time like the present. So I'd like to develop my 'portfolio'. If you would like or even just be willing to have some portraits, family, child, couple, or anything in between done for any reason whatsoever please get a hold of me. You can comment back with your email and I'll give you my phone number. Obviously, it would be absolutely free and in return for your time and patience I would get you a disk with any/all great pictures for your posterity's benefit. Also after I've done some 'Christie' stuff if there's anything you want shot but been too afraid or poor to have someone do, we can try that too. I don't have studio lighting...yet... so all this will be outdoor, natural photography. Also if you're not in town but you just know of someone here who might be interested,anyone who you think would like pictures taken, feel free to send them my way and the same offer applies until further notice.

Wow, I feel so out there. It's very...uncomfortable.


Nellie and Jason said...

Cool! I'd love to have you Makayla's 6 month pics sometime!
Maybe in a couple weeks or something. I'll call ya.

Swainston Family said...

We're coming to town the end of August. I'd love to get updated pics of the boys. We aren't sure on our dates, but I'll check with you when it's closer. (By then you may be too busy, and that's ok. Should I hope you'll be too busy, or not?:)

cara lou said...

We'd love to be your guinea pigs while we're in town next week! We never have photos of the three of us since John is always behind the camera. Plus, more hang-out time!

Kaja said...

by the time i make it to utah to have you take pictures of us, you'll be a world famous photographer and i'll have to pay thousands for your talent. maybe you can hold the deal for me until i get there..haha..

Nikki said...

me, me, me, pick me! (well, not me, but kiara!) i can make a trip up to Loganville again.... i am feeling brave at the moment. anything for free, fantastic pictures by YOU!

Clayton and Heidi said...

do you do glamour shot pictures? If so i would like one of myself with big featherd hair and blue eyeshadow. Ok on a serious note when Clayton and I have kids (a long ways off) I will let you know.

ps. don't let this freak you out but i think that John looks like Heath Ledger. Not joker heath ledger but normal Heath.

Adventures in Heywood said...

Yay everyone! I've got to think up some sweet ideas, and Heidi, btw, for YOU i'll whip out a feather boa and TOTALLY pose some 'photos by Deb'! And you'll notice I didn't say kids only, I said couples, so have Clayton put on his trashiest number and give me a call. :)

And seeeerrriously... call me peeps.