Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Box Story

So yes, I will be updating everyone with every minute detail of my packing and moving process. Let's call it 'misery loves company'. So as any good girl would in the age of the 'University of Google' I have thoroughly researched packing technique and theory. I am now fully licensed to instruct you all in how it should be done - in case you didn't catch it before, I've looked up articles online. It pretty much makes me an expert in the field. (Why is it so much harder to write sarcasm.)

I have three tips, in picture-list form.

Never leave stacks of boxes precariously in the middle of high traffic areas.

Write instructions for lifting and the care of the contents on the outside of each box.
This will keep you from straining your back, turning the box upside down,
or throwing fragile items into your truck carelessly.

Always, Always, Always label each and every box with the room
it should go in your new house and a brief description of the specific contents.
Packing is not to be taken lightly. You should always take care and be thoughtful.

But seriously, I'm all alone here now. (Oh no! Now the pervs reading my blog will know that! eek.) John is in Logan and started working today. He's hanging out with his friend Reed right now, and I spent most of my evening packing boxes.... Hmmmm, something's fishy about this situation. Ok, the truth is it's my fault I'm alone here packing boxes, because it was my idea to stay longer in Cedar City before I left my job and to give myself more time on the packing issue. I am however having second thoughts about my brilliance. I haven't been away from John for more than an evening or two since we've been married, and to be honest, I liked it that way. Sigh. I'm so whooped.


Kaja said...

you are a superior packer. i still can't believe john left you.... call the elder's quorum or something..haha.

Adventures in Heywood said...

Well he'll be back for the truck loading/driving part... that's where I need to slave labor the most.

Swainston Family said...

I feel you on the packing stinks thing. We've done it way too many times, and I know we'll do it AT LEAST once more.

I can say, you are labeling your boxes well. The people helping you load and unload will love reading them. (Call it a little entertainment during slave labor.)

Amy said...

Its ok, I get your sarcasm, even in writing ;) I love the packing tips, thanks for making packing look fun! And the alone thing -hate it, but I've had to do it many times over the past 6 1/2 years! (Like right now... or should I not say that in case the perves are reading in ;).

Rachel said...

um, hello! Of course I remember you! I enjoyed reading through your entire blog and seeing what you guys have been doing.
ps glad to see your sarcasm is still the same! :)
keep in touch

Natalie said...

This post brought back some major deja vu! Last year my husband got a job offer and had to move immediately, but I had to finish up my teaching contract, so we lived apart for 5 months. So not fun--but we did it! I also had to do all the packing--also not fun, but kind of nice, because at least I got to do it MY WAY!

Hang in there--it will be over before you know it!