Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

A little update.  Then I wanna post some NYC trip info and pics... but basically anymore I just keep my 'charlie' updates on here, haha:

Charlie is now 2 years and 4 months old.  When we last went to the Dr. just after his 2nd birthday he was 30 lbs(75%) and 3 feet .5 inches (85%).  He's getting so challenging and so rewarding.  He gives hugs & kisses one minute, then hits ya the next!  One minute he's singing in the car, then next he's throwing a tantrum because his toy isn't behaving like he wants.  I think they're so DARN cute at 2 for a reason.  So they live! :)  He LOVES pancakes, "cake-cakes", and he thinks they magically appear from the box and is always looking in the pancake mix box for some "cake cakes".  Also digs popcorn, "cot-carn" and has been known to have it used as incentives to quit throwing some tantrum or another.  He knows all his animals, colors, numbers and how to count, and all his letters.  We weren't really 'trying' to teach him these things, he just had some toys and bedtime books that taught him and one day we realized he knew all his numbers and colors and a bunch of letters - then all the letters.  If he'll cooperate it's a fun party trick.  Just the last month has brought a whole new level of talking.  It's not a few words we recognize with jibberish in between it's 3-4 word sentences with jibberish in between.  He loves to sing songs, we broke down and put one of those SUPER annoying kiddie tunes cd's in the car because he thinks they rock. He loves to be outside, we just bought a jungle gym because I knew I wouldn't survive the summer without one.  He gets too cooped up and loves slides and swings, etc.  He still likes his Yo Gabba Gabba toys, but doesn't ask for the show very often.  I brought him home a woody and bullseye from NYC and he loves them to bits. He loves Madagascar now, and is back on a real Toy Story kick.  He loves to ride in his power wheel, but won't use the steering wheel, haha, he just drives it straight and mom and dad run after him.  He loves to see pictures and videos of himself, it's a good way to keep him entertained some days!  He loves to play on the dirt hills next door to us, they're like his everest.  And he likes to throw rocks in the gutter.  He is so cute! :)

John and I have been doing house projects.  It's always something, lately it's been a slate patio, and now it's going to be assembling a big jungle gym. 

John's been riding his bike a lot and loves that.  I started going to a gym called Crossfit.  If you know anything about it, it's basically a little boot camp style, they do high intensity for short periods of time, and give you specific work outs to complete each day.  For example, yesterday we did burpees (lay down flat on your stomach on the ground, then stand up and jump/clap, then repeat) and kettlebell swings, alternating between the two in sets of 2-4-6-8- etc as many as you can for 12 mins.  Today we did sets of jump roping and sumo dead lifts, and it was written out and you see how fast you can possibly finish.  Typically you are literally speechless and dying at the end.  But it feels good in a weird way.  :)

We went to Willow Park the other day, and Charlie seriously loved it.  I've already decided we have to do Hoggle Zoo this summer... because Charlie just loves the animals, and totally ran from exhibit to exhibit just at little a little zoo.  Can't imagine how stoked he'd be to see the big ones!

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Seantae Jackson said...

Kids make the zoo so much more fun! He's so cute!