Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Bitty Baby is 2!?!

I have Christmas Pics. But Let's start here. I just wrote my little 'birthday tribute' to Charlie that I hope to keep up at least once a year as my kids grow, so I thought I'd post it, and I also figure, may as well post the party pics too..... so, GO!

  • Talk about a recent growth spurt! All his pants just turned into floods overnight!
  • Such a sweet boy, if you say 'soft' or 'gentle' with a baby or animal he very gently pats their head. If he knows he's done something naughty he runs right up to smooth it over with a hug and a kiss (a little manipulative I think!).
  • He LOVES to draw and color and could sit for 30 minutes straight doodling on paper. He also wants mom and dad to draw with him, and he always wants them to draw, Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee and Plex.
  • He still loves Yo Gabba Gabba, especially all his toys, he always wants all his toys with him at the same time. He got little bath squirts for Christmas that are the heads of the 'Gabba Gang', and it's not good enough to have just one or two, he has to haul around all five Characters and always knows if someone is missing and freaks out!
  • Charlie talks so much and so much of it you can understand. If you say, 'say ---' he can repeat back to you most simple words.
  • He always goes to sleep with his blanket and a couple stuffed animals, mostly his Brobee and Muno beanies. He is an amazing sleeper, he doesn't even try to get out of his crib actually, he just lays on his back and plays with his 'babies' till he's tired and falls asleep. Both nap and nighttime are so easy for mom and dad. Recently he's tried to sneak a few more toys into his crib for naptime by throwing them up over the bars on his way into the room when he knows we're going in to go to sleep, and it cracks us up.
  • He very recently got into cartoons and movies. First it was Toy Story (which he still loves), then he really got into Tangled (he loved to sing along with the ruffians at the bar, 'dreeeammm, dreeeaaaammm'). His big favorite for the last month was Rio. He would ask for Rio almost first thing in the morning and he knew the songs and would sing out 'Riiiiiii-oh' during the movie, and then lots of times just for fun in the grocery store or restaurants. Recently he's included Kung Fu Panda which he got for Christmas into his favorites - he asks for 'Po'.
  • Charlie loves to laugh, when other people are laughing (in real life or on TV) he just likes to join in with this real loud, joyful, but totally fake laugh.
  • Everything is 'woah' when he gets it. New toys, food, etc. It makes mommy feel good when she puts his food in front of him, because he seems so impressed.
  • Lately Charlie got into fettuccine alfredo, but he's hit and miss with all food. A pretty constant 'like' though is fruit. In the last two-three days he's probably eaten 200 blueberries.

We had an 'Art' themed birthday party for Charlie as he's so into it right now. We had the kids paint canvases, and even had a multimedia art project across our walls (I let that happen because I have a bunch of dings in that wall that have to be painted anyway, haha.

Even our treats and snacks were art. Fruit and veggies and dips and cheese and crackers in every color of the rainbow. I didn't take a picture of the cupcakes, but I had these little crayola crayon picks, and I decorated it to look like a scribble from the crayon. Got the idea on Pinterest and it was really cute, but I'm not really the greatest at like piping and decorating.

Charlie absolutely loved all the birthday presents he received. He screamed and yelled and said 'Wow!!!' Then he would dance around and laugh and run back to the present.

We did jelly bean art as a party favor. The kids could take a little jar and fill it with the rainbow of colored jelly beans how they wanted.

Many thanks to everyone who came. It was so fun for us parents to watch Charlie (and really at this age, let's face it, that's what it's mostly about!). At the end, like any year, we were thoroughly tired and just wanted to sit and put our feet up, and we did!


Hadley's said...

Happy Birthday Charlie! Everything just sounds so familiar with these two. I just know they could be great friends if only they lived closer. I need to write a few things about Lottie too before it passes me by. Crazy that they are two already.

Dallon said...

I need to come see you guys! Weird that he is two already, he's growing up without me!

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