Monday, May 24, 2010


So we made our friends Dallon and Reed help us put up our pool. (It was compulsory, we didn't actually ask, we told.)

Also Dallon and Reed were going to leave and spend their summers (and beyond) in Hawaii, so we thought it would be fun to have a going away party, since we owed them dinner anyway. So we did, and it was really fun!

We invited a lot of the guys' friends from High School, a few friends from college, and a random assortment of other people we've picked up along the way. And nearly everyone was able to make it which is rare. Some of these guys don't see each other, well like ever.

(Almost all the guys - one is MIA here.)

Almost all the guys in the picture above are married, and almost all of the married ones have kids, which makes for this...

(Crazy as this is, there are 4 kids missing, just among the boys pictured
above, that
are not sitting on that couch!!! WOWSA!!!)

These two cute little girls were having a photo-op together, and I decided to plop Charlie down in the middle of them, so he could have a couple of cute little girlfriends. The things we do to our children, haha.

Fun times, thanks to everyone who came, we should do such things more often!


Dallon said...

"Most" Christie? Everyone but ONE is what you meant! haha. That was really fun, thanks again! Are you enjoying the pool or is it still too cold?

lesums said...

Thanks, Christie, for reiterating the fact for me that every stinkin' decent guy (I'm assuming these are decent guys since you're hanging out with them) are married...apparently except for Dallon. Such is my life.

Kaja said...

Charlie is a ladies man...heck yeah! LOL!