Wednesday, May 19, 2010

John Completes a Triathlon

Yep, that's right. A triathlon. I'm very proud of him. John decided he really needed to get back into shape, hadn't worked out in way too long, and my little sister threw out the idea of training for a triathlon as a goal for working out. Well he accepted the challenge, with the idea being to be ready at the beginning of June, his friends however decided they were going to do a a different triathlon a month earlier and last minute peer pressured him into doing this one with them. He was nervous as he didn't know if he was ready, but he did just fine. He actually came across the finish line like he was jogging in the park, didn't look distressed at all. He plans to do another one in a few weeks! GO BABBBBYYY!


Rachel said...

Why is it that guys can get into shape so much quicker then girls? it bugs me.

cara lou said...

AWESOME!! So cool. Good luck with the next one!

(I wonder the same thing as Rachel. It's super annoying.)