Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Charlie Is Two Months Old

I am of two minds about Charlie growing at all. I mean I do want him to grow and develop and learn as he should. I will be very thankful if he progresses 'normally'. I love seeing the new things he's done like smile and coo, but I also don't want to lose THIS stage. I don't want to move past the cooing and gurgling and the toothless smile. I already feel sad that he seems so much bigger and he's not as much the newborn anymore. However, I'm pretty sure that growing is going to happen without my consent and nobody is asking me! So with that said...

Charlie just passed 2 months old! He is 13 pounds and 1 oz, which puts him in the 80th percentile for weight. He is 23 3/4 inches long which puts him in the 75th percentile for height. The Dr. said he is growing at a good proportional weight and height increase, which is always good to hear when you're exclusively breastfeeding, as it's easy to wonder how much they're eating since you can't measure your boob, ha.

Charlie started smiling at almost exactly 6 weeks old. Wow, that melts your heart. Until YOUR own baby smiles at you it's darn near impossible to know how much joy it will bring you. I've seen a lot of babies, and it's cute when other babies smile, but you're over it about one second later. When I first saw Charlie smile, I felt like I wanted to cry or laugh or freak out or all of the above.

Charlie is very vocal now. He'll have a little chat with you if you chat with him. He coos and goos and sighs and makes all those great little noises. Then he'll listen for your response, then he'll proceed with his next thought. It never fails to crack me up. If we really get going his coos almost turn into a little giggle. It's really funny, but then he almost always gets the hiccups.

Charlie is super alert. Everyone has said it since he was born, and even the Dr. said, 'I LOVE how alert he is!' when we met with him for his two month visit (I have a whole Dr's visit story which I will relay soon, it's not to be missed - Charlie has amazing timing). He seems to really like to sit up and look around like a big boy. I sit him so he's straddling my leg, looking out and hold him around his tummy against my body and it's the way he'll stay content for the longest time. He just looks around and checks stuff out.

Charlie is a pretty good sleeper, all in all. At least it seems he understands night time and day time (although a lot of time he thinks 'day' starts at 5:30 - while some may agree with Charlie on that I'd have to disagree). At night after he's gone to sleep, he wakes up a couple times, but it's typically only because he's hungry, and after he eats his fill he nods back off fairly quickly... MOST of the time.

Charlie likes white noise. If he's screaming and crying, get out the vacuum!

Charlie HATES to be swaddled, it started not too long after he was born, but all the sudden if his arms were tied down he'd just grunt and scream till you let them out and then he would just sigh with relief. I was bummed about this, because I think he would have an easier time getting to sleep if he'd allow it. With his hands free, he just smacks himself in the face all the time.

Sometimes I call Charlie my little lizard, because he's always sticking his tongue in and out. John says he's, 'tasting the air'.

Everywhere we go people are very interested in Charlie and have to ask about him and tell us how cute he is! (We agree.) We went to Texas Roadhouse the other night and were accosted by all these people, patrons and employees asking about Charlie (don't worry mom, we didn't let them touch him or breathe on him, only look from a distance). One of the hostesses nudged the others to look at him and they were all just talking about how cute of a baby he is, and as she was taking us to our seats was saying, 'I'm sorry I'm just staring at him, he's just so cute! You must get that all the time.' Well yes lady, we do, but we don't blame any of them.


cara lou said...

He really is sooo cute! And I can't believe he's two months already! They change so quickly. It's sad, and fun. I wish I could see him in real life! He's going to be big by the time we get back up there.

Miss Nelson said...

I agree! Such a CUTE baby!

Nikki said...

he is SO stinkin cute!!! wow.

Mike and Jocelyn said...

So funny reading about Charlie it all sounds so familiar. It is fun that they are only about a week apart. I feel the same way about Lottie growing too fast. Charlie is adorable! We need to get the two of them together!!!

Seantae Jackson said...

He is so super cute, I'd just stare at him too!

Rachel said...

I just want to squeeze him he is so cute!

Kris and Alesha said...

What a cute kid!! and I can definately tell that he has a photographer for a mom. Your pictures of him are awesome. They do grow up so quickly most of the time each stage they go through is so fun.

lindsey said...

you are a wonderful little mommy!

Amy F. said...

Oh, I love first smiles!! I cried little tears of joy when mine smiled, so I understand.
He really is soo precious and sooo cute!! That smile is to die for.
My little Sammy would NOT be swaddled, while Dax was swaddled until he could get out on his own. Crazy how different they are!
Two months, wow!!