Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Says I love You More Than Chocolate.

I've been thinking lately that I never bake anything anymore, or cook, or read anything, or do any fun projects. Then I remember I'm doing this pretty intense project:
...and then I feel better.

However, I decided I should cook for Valentine's Day, as we decided to stay in this year. Charlie not even being two months, and besides, it's always nuts when you go out, we just decided it would be better. When I'm planning some event or whatever, I just surf then internet for my inspiration - I have a few sites for reciepes and desserts that are my mainstays...and I ran across these Individual Dark-Chocolate Pudding Cakes, from Martha, of course. I decided they looked delish, and they were pretty different for me, and very 'loveish'. :)

For me, they were interesting because you start with a cake like mixture (minus an egg actually) which you spoon into the ramekins, and then you make a topping which is like sugars and cocoa and sprinkle it on the chocolate cake mixture. That seemed normal to me, well maybe except the lack of an egg in the cake mixture. But I'd never done the next step before in anything I've made, you pour 1/4 cup boiling water over top of each filled ramekin and then put in the oven. I was a little skeptical actually, but I did it:

Twenty five minutes later my obedience was rewarded with the cakes looking just like they showed in the picture:

A note from me: The recipe says to serve immediately, topped with vanilla ice cream. This I will tell you is a complete must. A) They are meant to be devoured hot -so awesome. B) They are SO very rich, they must be eaten with something creamy and light, and ice cream is also perfect to cool the heat. So if you make them, don't decide the ice cream is optional!

And another 'PS' - the link is for 6 ramekins - it is very easily halved to be three, which is what I did.


Clayton and Heidi said...

ummm...is ice cream EVER optional!?!
I think not!

Kaja said...

wowsers... i might have to try those!

Karen and Bruce said...

Sis, I have to bake a lot as you know and this is one of the desserts I do. The Hungarians love chocolate and they love this. I just got my recipe out of the RS cookbook. Unfortunately there is no ice cream here. We have to get by with whipped cream