Thursday, February 11, 2010


Babies are expensive!!! Watching the bills scatter in kinda takes your breath away... If he weren't so dang cute... I might have to return him. ;) Not wanting to start any arguments here, but I don't even want to KNOW what the uninsured, self employed, most private insurance(which doesn't cover maternity), but making just slightly too much to receive assistance are doing when they have babies... selling their organs? You'd have to be making a H#$% off a lot of money for these bills to not require a loan. A loan to have a baby... that's probably what you have to do. Crazyyyy. I'll just be glad I only have a deductible and 20%, even if that 20% takes my breath away.

(This is what the fog did to our bush out front a couple weeks ago... so cool.)

I typically do not mind winter. I don't moan about how it's gray, or cold, or whatever. I don't start wishing it was spring in January... I don't know, I'm usually just happy to go with the flow with the weather... and if it's cold, I make hot cocoa and stay inside. In fact, you're A LOT more likely to hear me moan about heat - I get mega headaches when it's too hot. However, having a little baby makes me anxious for winter to be over... One, to get out of the dangerous and scary cold and flu season, and two, just so I could get out more with the baby and not be exposing him to the really cold temps.

That is all. :)


Kaja said...

i want it to be warm soo badly. mainly because i love just leaving a baby in a onesie and seeing the chunky legs. i hate having to bundle them up.

Nellie and Jason said...

oh man, my eyes almost fell out of my head when we started getting the bills after makayla. It's insane. I couldn't imagine trying to get by without insurance. Even though i'm always complaining about it anyway!

Amy F. said...

I know what you mean! It is expensive (oh, and for the record, "those" people -I used to run a lot or credit checks at my old job- don't really care about their credit much, and they don't have to because the apartment industry pretty much doesn't hold medical debt against you. So they have what they need and have no reason to pay it... I know right?.)

He is soooo cute!! I'm kinda glad not to be in the cold weather, and so far we've dodged the flu this year. So far. ;)

Its like "Utah June weather" right now in Arizona (promise, I'm not trying to rub it in or anything, hehe).