Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm Back... and a Rant.

So we're back. Boo! But at least we had a good time and it was so great to get away. I'm sure I'll post pictures and stories soon, although they're nothing to write home about.... I was hardly about to drag my nice camera out into the hot, humid, wet, sandy areas we were in, and there is no art with a point and shoot, haha. (Glad i didn't i totally have sand in my little crap camera's lense.) But we were about reeeelllllaaaxxxinggg...and that's really what it was all about.... mmm. I do also have a few jobs to edit that I must get to quickly, so we'll see when I can deal w/ the vacation photos!

And now I wanted to relay this story, in hopes that perhaps someone can tell me why this type of person annoys me SO bad. It's probably just plain hypocritical for me to be this annoyed... but oh well! :)

Here is the scenario: After a long day of travel and several time zones we are now in baggage claim in SLC. It is midnight essentially. There is a large crowd of people at baggage claim all waiting for the revolving wheels to start turning and bags to start appearing. To our right John and I watch a couple girls hug and squeel, obviously two came to pick up the third. Fairly young - I'd venture a guess at 19-20-21. I must, because it is important later, describe what they look like. One has jeans, tshirt, jacket. Average. One is in basically pajamas. It's late, so acceptable. The third girl is wearing a black 'newsboy cap', a very short black dressish kinda trenchcoat (presumably also a very short black dress underneath... it can't be seen as the trench is tied), a very open weave set of black fishnet tights and shiney black pumps with a heel, probably 3 or 4 inches. Also her hair and make-up is normal/light besides black lipstick. I had only noticed them because of their loud excited greeting and then I went back to standing there in a very tired, dellusional, impatient to get my bag and get the heck out kinda haze.

A few moments later, the girl in the black ensemble, steps into the center of the crowd and announces, 'Hey everyone, my name is --- (don't even remember), it's my friend Kate's birthday today, and I was wondering if you all would help me sing happy birthday to her?!?!' No I don't want to sing happy birthday to your friend, no one even likes to sing happy birthday to their friends and relatives while the candles are burning really. I'm tired, it's been a long day, and I don't care in the slightest about Kate. In fact, truely i'm embarrassed for you right now, and this whole thing is embarrassing me and I'm not even the one talking. She starts and gets a very quiet, mumbled, unenthusiastic version of the requested song from the crowd. Of which I am not appart.

Moments after, as they're standing not too far behind us, I hear the girl who spoke to the crowd say, "Is it because of how I am dressed? People just don't get me here. I should be in London, I would fit in so much better in Europe." (English friends, please don't pee your "pants" at this point.)

I wanted to turn around and say to this poor victimized girl:

A) No it's not because of how you're dressed it's because it's late, we're tired, we don't KNOW Kate and we don't wanna. This isn't exactly a bar or a birthday party or a concert. Why do you even want us to do this?

B) Good luck w/ the Europe thing, clearly you've never been as from my experience, especially in England, loud, pushy Americans who make loud, pushy annoyingly public scenes are everything they hate in life. So you should fit in grrrrrreeeeaaaaatttt. Move imediately.

C) Why do people work so hard at being a big victim in life? Poor misunderstood rebels. Particularly those who can't pull it off. Girl, you're young, white, probably middle class and probably still have white, middle class parents who still pay some/all of your average bills - Have tragicly looking hookerish clothes and black lipstick all you want - you're still not a hip, misunderstood artist. No one is buying what you're trying to sell, it's all been done before. Grow up.

Am I jerk or what? I am, I know. Why does this girl and other girls exactly like her bother me so bad? Someone figure it out for me, and let me know.


Clayton and Heidi said...

LOVE IT! So freaking hilarious...and true.

Dallon said...

You were jealous because you really liked her hooker boots and wish you could some of your own?

hehe, just teasing. You're annoyed by those types of people because:

a) they're annoying

b) they're annoying

it's science.

Stefanie said...

I would have also wanted to slap her silly, scream obscenities at her, etc! Sounds like she is a long way from being grown up and trying to find her famous niche so to speak but way in the wrong place! P.S. I think I want her hooker boots too!