Tuesday, September 29, 2009

M is for Martha

Earlier this month for my mother-in-law's birthday I made these Boston Creme Pie cupcakes:

From this book which my husband bought me a few weeks earlier.

They were pretty good. Probably even better second day, after custard had some time to really blend and sit in the sponge cake. For people who enjoy cupcakes, baking, and/or want fun cupcake decorating ideas, this one would be great. They are not necessarily 'simple' though, so don't go in with that idea! Just cute & fun if you're into it.

I haven't made a lot of the recipes, but looking through the book it has a whole section just on birthday and holiday decorating ideas that are SO dang cute. One day, when I have a reason, I WILL be trying the ladybug cupcakes - they're adorable. I also may have to try some of the monster cupcakes for the end of October.


Dallon said...

don't forget that you promised me cupcakes! Any good St. Pats day ones? Maybe welcome home, or just...your awesome cupcakes!

Rachel said...

I want some of those. They look SO good. I think heidi's husband would love that cookbook.