Monday, September 21, 2009

Excuse the Poor Photographic Evidence.

I know I shouldn't post gross pics taken in a hurry with my bad little point and shoot, especially when then I turn around and take pictures for other peeps. But I promise, I never bring the fuji when I come to a job! :) Plus John usually takes these pictures from his sitting position on the couch, so they're all sorts of artistic and creative (sarcasm). Personally I love the double chins I end up with.

These particular pictures are to be aghast at just how pregnant I look this time around! Everyone tells you that this happens, but it's hard to picture. Granted I started the whole pregnancy a lot heavier this time... I know, bad right? But still, because of being sick, and already being big, I'd only gained like 6 lbs in the pic you will see of my current pregnancy. So it actually came as a shock to me when I realized just how convex I was getting so fast!!!

As proof, not just whining, I will show you - Exhibit A:

37 Weeks Pregnant
Up 30 lbs.
Went into labor a week later.

And as contrast, Exhibit B:

24 Weeks Pregnant
Up 6 lbs.
Approx. 14-16 weeks till labor.

Now, admittedly, my first baby was pretty little... But this is just crazy! If I continued a steady rate from here, I'll look like one of those women that defy gravity. Oh how a would shudder to hear the annoying, 'is it twins?' questions.... not good peeps, not good.


Swainston Family said...

That's how I was! If you need some maternity clothes, let me know. I can bring mine down for you to use. I have a couple of cute things, but you could pick through them. Just let me know.

Rachel said...

You are HOT!

Dallon said...

Triplets!?? congrats!!! haha, love ya Christie! Remember the Jackson trip when you were mad that none of us asked if you were pregnant? Hehe, we all noticed of course and even talked about it when you got out of the car once but no one wants to ask just in case we were wrong!

cara lou said...

Wow, you sure are pregnant. :D


Adventures in Heywood said...

Yeah dallon, that's what i'm talking about... last time it wasn't very clear I was pregnant till ... pretty far in... this time... from that same month it was very, very distinctly obvious... crazy ridiculous!

Kaja said...

that's what happens after the first one. your body figure out how to stick it out there much more quickly... i'm so excited for you to have your baby!!!

lindsey said...

I am so excited for you! And I think that you look adorable!!

So when is your due date? It sounds like you and I are due around the same time, my second is due Jan 10 :)