Thursday, July 9, 2009

Getting Away

I love vacations! I always wondered how you became one of those people that basically traveled for a living. In fact I'm still wondering.

We left Friday with our friends the Hansens for Jackson Hole, and actually camped by Gray's river near Alpine that night as our condo didn't become available till Saturday but we all wanted to get away.

(Near our Gray's River camp site.)

Saturday we headed in to Jackson. We did some hiking and some really traditional stuff... John has been to Jackson, but he was quite young and he'd never been up to our condo, so we did a lot of stuff I've done before and enjoyed. We took the tram in Teton Village and canoed the String Lakes and hiked to Hidden Falls.


Seantae Jackson said...

That is so fun! We are headed there in a week! Vacations are always good! How was the heat and pregnancy mix?

Dallon said...

despite the awesomeness of my current circumstances...looks like you guys had a very good time and yes, I'm a titty bit jealous! Very pretty that place! Yes Christie, I said titty.

Adventures in Heywood said...

The pregnancy didn't seem to be a problem. Me having all my weight from my LAST pregnancy was the real problem. :) Lugging all that uphill is not pretty.

Anonymous said...

RE: the moose picture I have one thing to say...MOOOO!!!!