Tuesday, July 28, 2009


John and I have often thought of buying a boat. We think it's a lot of fun. However, we also know what an incredible money suck they can be. So it's always fun to have a friend or friend who have bit the bullet! We went out to Newton Dam the other day for some fun in the water with our friends the Hansons. Well, there wasn't a lot I could do, aside from hang out, which IS fun. I didn't think wakeboarding seemed like the best idea. Unfortunately.

We haven't been in probably 2 years... so we didn't know how it would go...

So John strapped in...

And things went pretty well...

Till they didn't...

I got VERY hot in the boat... so since I
basically can't do anything remotely dangerous,
we were just going to have a very slow pull behind
the boat to cool off.

It was intensely hard to get two, too big adults
on one small tube, but it was funny anyway.

It also doesn't work very well to get pulled at such
slow speeds, as the poor tube can't really make it up out
of the water!!! Ha!

Then you should have seen us when we fell off (mind you
we didn't fall off from riding at any high speed,
but just because the balance was impossible, ha) trying to
get back on! Well John was fine, but how do you
get back on a tube, down in the water without throwing
your belly up onto the tube first?!

Poor tired boy!


Clayton and Heidi said...

Awesome. I wish I could have seen that. Is it on youtube? If not it should be.

Dallon said...

John can wakeboard!? haha, just kidding. I got really hooked on wakeboarding last summer, I kinda miss that. Looks like you two are having a good time!

Seantae Jackson said...

That's classic. Don't you hate the beached whale feeling! That's nice to let some steam off! (congrats on the boy!!!)