Monday, January 5, 2009

Driftwood Manor Reunion

First, a little self indulgent explanation: "Driftwood" is a house in down town Logan, and basically a group of people who are very important to myself and John as a couple for the reasons I will outline. As our friend Dallon (tan beanie below) points out frequently and in jest, 'he's the reason John and I are married'. And while it's sort of a joke, it IS also actually a factor. (Good thing he doesn't read blogs, I don't want it going to his head. - Dallon was the person who first decided their should be a Driftwood, and compiled and harrassed a random group of his friends, some from good ole BEHS, some from the mish, etc, to come live with him in the sweet mess of a house.)

A few of you know how I met John - the short story is 'through friends'... these friend. The just slightly longer version is that I ended up hanging out with some girls from work, who took me to a party, at a house where I found out I actually also worked with a bunch of the guys who lived there and were throwing it. About 3 toilet paperings later we somehow started hanging out with these same guys regularly... (T.P., the true way to guys hearts). Well if you think you've figured it out, no, John didn't live there at the time. He lived in Cedar City. In fact, by the first time I met John I'd been hanging around "Driftwood" for probably 6+ months. I met John at Driftwood at a New Year's Eve party, but I really don't think we spoke, and the next day we all went snowboarding, and we only very briefly spoke then. By March of the next year Tree (blonde, blue coat below) and I were considered 'honorary residents' because we hung out so much.

That's why we got invited on spring break trip '04 with
3 of the guys who currently lived at Driftwood, and
1 friend
2 of them had from High School they were picking up, living in Cedar City... John.
Sparks flew...yada yada :) ...

John moved to "Driftwood" for a summer
1 1/2 months later and we started dating,
5 years later we've been married
4 and had
1 child.

Sadly the last remnants of the people we knew from Driftwood have moved out, many have moved away, but a couple of the guys have planned holiday-ish parties/reunions the last few years. A few of these people we still see regularly, some not so much anymore, and some moved in after John and I moved away - but the party was a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting Reed!

The people who aren't losers, and could make it.

We played a game called 'Dirty Minds' - some good reactions.

Reed's white elephant loot.


Torturing Dallon... a Driftwood classic.

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Clayton and Heidi said...

Wow! When you said "Driftwood house" I thought "boy that sounds familiar". Good times. Terese and Dallon should still hookup...I hope neither of them read this if they do (mostly Terese) I am TOTALLY kidding!