Monday, September 15, 2008

Where Have I been?!?!

Well I sorta just disappeared lately. It's because I had to go and add some drama to my life evidently. I just hate myself sometimes. So I had this job at the RTC right? It was okay and all, weird hours, and the other staff there were... bossy to say the very least. So I was still looking. Found a great job I really wanted at CAPSA. The first interview went okay, but from what they were saying, they were doing like 2 weeks of interviews, so I was like, 'yeah right, how would i ever stand out with that massive amount of applicants'.

Unlikely as it was I did get a call for a second interview! And they'd narrowed it down to just like 6... (personally, i've hired before, it's ridiculous to call back that many for SECOND interviews, but oh well...) So at my job I put in a request to not work the morning of the second interview. Evidently my boss didn't care I wanted the morning off, and I was scheduled. So I proceeded to call any staff I could find that might be able to switch around shifts with me so I could go to the interview. I was also upset because we'd put in our fall schedule preferences, and not only did I not get my first or second choice of scheduling, but I actually had been scheduled closer to what I wanted BEFORE I put in my 'scheduling preferences' sheet - I actually got MORE evenings and less mornings as I'd had all summer. So that was a big 'haha' from management. So I was annoyed with them for that already. Well long story short, I called and I texted but I received a no answer from about everyone who could work for me or switch with me on the day of my interview.

So what to do?! I decided to quit the job. It wasn't a good time for that to happen anyway, as I'd just got my September shedule and as previously mentioned been completely screwed over, and the job had already given me more stress than it had pay by the bossy, know it all staff, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to at least TRY for this much better, much more lucrative job.

So at the second interview for CAPSA I felt very happy about how it went. I felt like I'd done as well as was possible, was much more articulate than my usual self, and they said they hoped to have made their choice by that evening. They didn't call that day. I was so sad. But the next day, two of my references from my resume called me and said, 'hey I just barely got a call about you today from a lady at CAPSA, I gave you a great reference, I think you got the job!' etc. etc. So I was back to excited! I hadn't been crossed off already! Then later that afternoon I get a call on a 'private number', this is it!...

"Just wanted to let you know we've made a hiring decision. You were an extremely strong candidate, and if we had another position... but we've decided to go another way."
So now here I am again... unemployed and feeling ultra pathetic. I can't even enjoy the free time because I feel too stressed about not having a job! Annoying, eh?! Second guessing my recent choices, and scanning the help wanted ads only to find things like, 'receptionist wanted. will do many things, be our office b#%&$ and we will compensate you hardly at all, $7.50 - $8 per hour'.... riiiight.

So I'm back to taking pictures I guess. Which I like, but so far have not taken hardly any, so i'm still no where.... *le sigh*

So pity party for Christie, and you're all invited. I'll make a cake and pass out "christie sucks" party favors, and we'll watch feel bad movies.


Kaja said...

ooohhhh. poor wittle christie. i'm sure you'll find another job soon :) i have faith in you!

cara lou said...

Oh boo! That totally sucks. I'm sorry you didn't get the job (though good job making it that far, at least! I know that's doesn't make you feel better, but still...)!

I hope you can find something that you will enjoy AND that will pay decently, soon!!

I'd totally enjoy a feel bad movie night myself. I'm like, ultra depressed today. Let's go be emo.

Nikki said...

oh, sad! let's have a party, but you can leave out the christie sucks party favors. those don't sound like they would be much fun. =) but lots and lots of cake will do!

Amy F. said...

Hey Christie- poor girl!
If I read right you are living in Logan right? Well, I don't usually do this, but it sounds like you have some great qualifications. Have you heard of Wasatch Property Management? That's the company I used to work for (its my Dad's company). Call (435)755-2000 to see if they have any openings, or ask to put in a resume. The office is brand new too, and really nice (just east of Stevens Heneger college, off Main st.). I just think, in the long run, its a great company. The employees usually stick around for a long time, and there seems to be room for advancment. Just a thought!
If you want you can email me -