Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall is Here.

Fall in Sardine Canyon

I really love fall. I don't feel I can adequately describe it, but I can in list form give you some things I like:

1. The temperature cooling down.
2. Fall fashion (my fav) appearing in the mall.
3. Orange, Brown, Yellow, Red appearing everywhere, nature, stores, etc.
4. Hot Chocolate w/ assorted add in's.
5. Tacky fake leaves and pumpkins as decor.
6. Real pumpkins turning orange on the vine.
7. Halloween candy , read, Mellowcreme Candy Pumpkins.
8. Leaf lined sidewalks and streets.
9. Spiced cider.
10. Caramel apples.
11. Corn mazes.
12. The furnace turning on for the first time and the smell. (I love the smell, weird, huh?)
13. Trench coats, jackets, hoodies, layers.
14. Apple picking and by that I mean eating apples under the trees while picking an apple or two. Apple buckets full of beautiful apples, etc.
15. The anticipation of those first few flakes of snow.

I'm sure I could continue to go on and on. I'm sure you could too. Leave your favs as comments!


Kaja said...

I also love the smell of the furnace turning on for the first time...we're definitely a weird bunch. I miss Sardine Canyon with a passion. Utah is so beautiful in the fall....*sigh*

Taylor Family said...

I love your pictures! I'm sorry to hear about all your job drama. I've been there and done that and my heart aches for you!

Chris and Tiffiney said...

LOL, You stalk blogs too…

Anna said...

i do love fall too, but I also love spring, and summer by the pool or better yet, vacationing in a tropical spot so you can have a little bit of summer whatever season you are in at home... OH, and I absolutely ADORE the months of November and December! gosh, I guess I love a little bit of every season... oh well. LOVE your pic of the orchard... xoxo your friend, Anna Watts