Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

The first Christmas that John and I were married, and had no money, and lived in Cedar, I bought a little 3 foot tall artificial Christmas tree for our apartment. We decorated that and we used it for the next 4 years. After all, we were going to head to one of our parents houses anyway for the week or so around Christmas, and it was just for fun and being festive. Then started what turned into two years of living WITH parents during the festivities, fun fun. So as we set out to decorate for Christmas this year we realized we had never ever bought our own Christmas tree!

So this year it was our whole family's very first excursion to buy our own tree. The first snag we knew we were going to run into is that John and I have very different opinions about what a Christmas tree should look like.

For me, I like the classic, see them everywhere, obvious kind of Christmas tree.

For John, his family and his grandma always had a different kind of tree, thus that is the one that looks likes Christmas to him. He likes this variety:

Before I spent Christmas with John when we were engaged I had never even seen that type of tree used before. I was not its biggest fan. To me it reminded me of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree:

Despite our differences of opinion we set off. We scoured the nursery for something we could agree on. Luckily, Charlie and I wanted this tree right off the bat:

And we got Dad on board!!!

Good thing Charlie was due for a nap when we got it home and it was time to decorate. I have a feeling he'd have been a little TOO helpful. We put it in this corner being hopeful that we can somehow seal off that front area from our little monster. We'll see how it goes!

When he woke up Charlie gave us his seal of approval. He thought the decorations were so lovely he wanted to pull them all off and put them in his mouth for closer inspection....

Good thing we got unbreakable ornaments!


Swainston Family said...

Up until probably this year, our tree only had decorations on the top half. :) It's nice when they're finally older, and understand "no touchy!".

Rachel said...

Happy wife happy life. It is the best motto around!

Karen and Bruce said...

Almost like being there. Can't smell the tree and I can't kiss Charlie, but for now I have this. Love you guys! Grandma

Seantae Jackson said...

I love your story of the trees. SO much like us. We've gone and gotten a Charlie Brown tree most years, and slowly I am starting to love that tradition more. I love how Charlie wants to 'inspect' all the ornaments. After the first day of our tree up, we gave up on ornaments on the bottom two feet of the tree. Yours looks beautiful!

Hadley's said...

Oh funny! I def. recognize that Charlie Brown Tree. I helped decorate it this year at Grandma's house! My theory has always been that grandma only has one strand of lights and a tree with more branches would certainly require more than one strand. ha ha!
Your tree looks great!