Thursday, April 29, 2010

4 Months Old!

4 Months!

Charlie had his 4 month doctor visit and the doctor said he was 'perfect'. Of course he was referring to size, but we like to think in general.

16.1 lb ~ 75% for Weight
25.25 Inches ~ 70% for Height

What a good boy! He smiles and laughs a lot and has the cutest dimples.

He's a great sleeper, as good as I could ask for. Just after 9pm we do our bedtime routine. We read a story and get our jammies on, and then wrap up in our blanket and by that time Charlie's eyes are drooping, sometimes we rock a little and sometimes we go straight into bed. He looks around for a few seconds and then goes right to sleep all by himself!

When it comes to naps though... he's a dinkus. You never know what he's going to do, which makes it pretty hard to make plans for the day ~ It could be five 20 minute naps, one for 2.5 hours, and then sometimes he decides he's too big and important to take naps at all... ha. On a day by day basis we have almost no luck getting him to adhere to any type of routine. I suppose if I had to choose between him doing this during the day or during the night... I'd chose day - so I feel lucky.

We set up Charlie's jumper. He's figuring it out... we'll see how he feels about it for real. The first time it seemed like he was really getting it, but then the next couple he just sat in it and pulled up his feet and was real lazy about it and then would get off balance and start swinging around.

Charlie has started to figure out toys and be more purposeful with his hands. If he wants something he can reach out and grab it and feel it out. He always seems to find hoodie strings. If you're wearing a hood it's almost a guarantee that if you look down he will have one or both in his hands.

Charlie has a great tempermant. Really if there's not something wrong like he's sleepy or hungry he's pretty good. He can get a little over stimulated or a little needy, but typically he's just veeeerrrry chill.

And seriously, how cute is he?


Dallon said...

You forgot to add that he has some seriously incredible pooping skills!

Hadley's said...

He is too cute!!! I believe Charlie and Lottie could carry on conversation about what they do all day. lol! SAME OLD SAME OLD Very cute photos!

Kaja said...

He's getting so big! I'll admit, I don't worry about napping anymore. They nap when they nap. But I'm ALL about the bedtime thing. All 3 of my kids are in bed by 8 and there's no changing that.

lesums said...

What a precious little guy! Doesn't he want to come to Disney World? ;)